Espumisan baby and Espumisan L for newborns - drops, syrup: composition, instructions for use, dosage, analogues, reviews. How many times a day and at what age can a newborn be given Espumisan for colic?

This article will tell you how Espumisan helps fight colic and bloating in children.

What is the difference between Espumisan “baby” and Espumisan L | L which is better?

Espumisan is a popular and frequent remedy for dealing with intestinal dysfunctions, excessive gases and colic that they lead to. Everyone will learn about espumisan on the recommendation of a doctor, but you can only learn in detail about the drug by carefully reading the entire instructions.

The main active ingredient in this preparation is simethicone (100 ml per 1 mg). An additional composition gives the substance (suspension) a sweetish taste and aroma of banana (most often). At the moment, you can find several varieties of Espumisan in a modern pharmacy:

  • Espumisan 40 - everything is simple here, 40 is the amount of substance (i.e. simethicone per 1 tsp, namely 5 mg).
  • Espumisan L - the most common concentration of the substance, where 40 mg of simethicone is in 1 ml. suspensions.
  • Espumisan Baby - here for 1 ml. Suspension accounts for about 100 mg of simethicone. A suspension bottle is usually equipped with a measuring spoon.
  • Espumisan tablets - A simplified form of medication for adults, where 40 mg is contained in one capsule. Simethicone.

For those who have never encountered a drug such as Espumisan in life, it is important to explain the differences between Espumisan L and Espumisan Baby. The latter is considered a more advanced version of the drug, which copes with any digestive disorders in children, facilitates the bowel movement and eliminates pain with other unpleasant symptoms.

In addition, the preparation Espumisan "baby" is equipped with a measuring spoon, which allows you to give the child a substance in a clear and limited amount. This drug is positioned as a more effective remedy for colic and bloating in newborn babies that occur during the formation of intestinal microflora. Espumisan "baby" contains a greater amount of the substance "simethicone" and therefore we can safely say that this drug is more effective than "Espumisan L".

Suspension in a bottle

Espumisan baby for newborns - drops, syrup: composition, instructions for use, dosage

Before using the drug, it is important to familiarize yourself fully with its instructions and composition.


The drug is available in a special small glass bottle, which is equipped with a small pipette for comfortable use. Espumisan "baby" refers to a number of carminative drugs, which directly affects the gas bubbles in the intestine, breaking their tension, which leads to rupture.

Simethicone is absolutely harmless for use by small and newborn children, since it is completely not absorbed into the intestinal wall and is not absorbed (it is excreted in the same form as it is taken). As a result of its use, it not only alleviates unpleasant symptoms, but also helps the child to receive all the nutrients from food.

Fortunately, the substance is not addictive and the secretion of the stomach does not suffer from it. It is recommended to use the drug immediately after the occurrence of pain in the intestines or increased gas formation. The effect of the drug occurs in about 10-15 minutes. Also, Espumisan Baby can be prescribed to children as a prophylactic.

When to take Espumisan Baby:

  • Intestinal pain
  • Elevated flatulence
  • Intestinal colic
  • With poor digestion

May be for use and contraindications:

  • High sensitivity to simethicone
  • Bowel obstruction

IMPORTANT: After taking Espumisan “baby”, no special side effects were detected, and only rare cases showed individual intolerance. A drug equipped with a pipette helps to accurately dose the substance. Remember that before you take the drug into the pipette, the bottle should be shaken.

Drug use:

  • Depending on the age, the amount of administration of the drug may vary.
  • It is recommended to give 5 drops of the newborn during meals.
  • Exceeding the dosage of the drug is not recommended.
  • Also, you can not give the drug more than 5 times a day.
  • The child should be given the medicine in its pure form, but if the baby refuses, the drug can be mixed into a bottle with milk.
  • Children from 3 years of age are recommended to give the drug 10 drops at a time and no more than 5 times a day.
  • Children from 5 years of age are allowed to use the drug in 20 drops, but no more than 5 times a day.

IMPORTANT: Even if you increase the dose, the drug is not able to cause an overdose, but still it is not recommended. Espumisan does not interact with other medicines. The drug is freely sold in a pharmacy without a prescription and, when properly stored, has a shelf life of 3 years.

Espumisan Baby

At what age can you give a newborn Espumisan "baby", Espumisan with colic?

Espumisan (in any release except capsules) is approved for use by children from the first days and months of birth. As a rule, parents resort to it when the baby's intestinal colic reaches its “peak”. This period is 3-4 weeks from birth.

At this time, the baby experiences severe colic, which cannot be completely relieved by massage or exercise. The drug is started to be given to a child with a small dose before or during meals. So, it enters the stomach with milk and prevents the formation of gas bubbles.

IMPORTANT: Do not exceed the dose and number of doses per day prescribed in the instructions. If the baby does not experience discomfort after eating (it does not matter: breast milk or artificial nutrition), you can skip taking the drug. As a rule, for newborn babies who are fed breast milk, the drug is injected with a pipette or a measuring spoon into the mouth. Mixtures-fed children take Espumisan dissolved in a bottle.

How many times a day can a baby be given Espumisan "baby", Espumisan l for colic?

As already mentioned, the drug should be taken as necessary: ​​i.e. then when the baby experiences severe colic and cannot sleep or play normally because of them. If the baby feels well, you can skip taking Espumisan as a preventative measure. The permissible norm per day is 5 receptions, most often this amount corresponds to the number of meals.

Taking medication

How fast is Espumisan for newborns?

After taking Espumisan, a significant improvement in the well-being of the baby is observed after 10-20 minutes. How is this manifested:

  • Baby stop crying
  • The kid stops pulling his legs
  • The kid is playing, he has a mood
  • Bloating decreases, gas escapes

Espumisan action time for newborns

The duration of action of simethicone on the intestine, as a rule, lasts for 2-6 hours. The effect of the drug depends only on the individual characteristics of the body of each baby and the severity of the problems: strong or weak colic. The effect also depends on the age of the child, because in 3-4 months the intestines of the child are much more resistant to flatulence than in the first weeks of life.

How long do Espumisan give to newborns?

Taking the drug and the timing of its taking depends only on what problems are present in the baby. If these are ordinary natural colic, then daily use of Espumisan may not be useful after 3 months (from birth). In the presence of problems with microflora, the drug may take up to six months or more.

Does Espumisan help with constipation in newborns?

Espumisan himself will not be able to directly help the child cope with constipation. However, the drug still has a positive effect on the intestines. If a child has constipation, doctors often prescribe lactulose-based medications. Lactulose, in turn, can provoke increased gas formation in the intestine, with which Espumisan fights.

IMPORTANT: So the drug eliminates discomfort and allows the baby does not suffer from colic. Espumisan should be given to children with constipation during meals and at night so that sleep does not spoil.

Colic in the baby

What to do if espumisan does not help a newborn, than replace: analogues

And in the case of prolonged use of Espumisan, many parents noticed that the child ceases to feel the effect. In another case, the child may have an individual intolerance to this medicine, or may be allergic to other components. To alleviate the condition of the baby, you should find worthy analogues of Espumisan, whose choice is great:

Analogue No. 1 Analogue No. 2 Analogue No. 3 Analogue No. 4 Analogue No. 5

What is better plantex or espumisan for newborns?

First of all, it is worth noting that these two substances are completely different in their pharmacological form. Plantex are special granules that are usually dissolved in water to produce a drink. The composition of the plantex is fennel extract (this component is often present in carminative preparations such as "dill water").

Fennel extract, unlike synthetic simethicone, is natural. It is also able to act on the intestines, removing naturally accumulated gases from it. Drinking a drink such as "plantex" is allowed from 2 weeks of a baby's life.

What does plantex do:

  • Makes digestion easier
  • Removes cramps
  • Eliminates colic
  • Facilitates the bowel movement

IMPORTANT: Espumisan can be better than Plantex only because fennel extract can provoke an allergic reaction and intolerance in the body.

Can bifidumbacterin and espumisan be given simultaneously to newborns?

Bifidumbacterin is a special probiotic that is necessary to normalize the intestinal microflora of a small child (newborn). Often, when taking it, the baby experiences increased gas formation, which is accompanied by pain in the stomach (colic).

IMPORTANT: To alleviate the condition of the baby when taking Bifidumbacterin, you can use Espumisan. You can take these two drugs together, since they do not have interactions.

Is Espumisan harmful to newborns: side effects

Espumisan is approved for use from the first days of birth. But, it is advisable not to prescribe it to the baby yourself, but to receive a doctor’s recommendation for use (after all, the baby may have intestinal obstruction). Give the drug gradually, starting with a small dose, to see how the child's body reacts to the substance.

Is there an allergy to espumisan in newborns: signs

There is no allergy to simethicone itself, but in Espumisan there are a number of other substances besides simethicone, in particular sugar syrup and flavoring. The child may develop an allergy to other substances, therefore, when taking it, doctors recommend paying attention to well-being and external signs: itching, rash, redness). In such cases, Espumisan is replaced by an analog.

Espumisan baby and Espumisan l for newborns: reviews

Catherine: “As soon as we turned a month old, I learned that the baby can be relieved by Espumisan’s colic. We started taking it and I felt relieved (the baby became calmer, and I was able to relax and rest while he was sleeping). Dill water, massage and a warm diaper we were not valid in the problem. We took Espumisan up to 3-4 months, then the colic went away. "

Victoria: "I gave Espumisan from 2 weeks from birth. I started small - from 2-3 drops. When the baby was very tormented, I increased the dose to an acceptable maximum. In addition, I did a tummy massage and pressed my legs so that he could fart."

Yuliya: "We periodically took Espumisan and sometimes replaced with analogues. For example, a jar of Espumisan and a jar of Colikid later. I was just afraid that it would be addictive, reinsured."

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