Tanning in a solarium for the first time: rules, tips. How to sunbathe in the vertical and horizontal tanning beds? Cosmetics for tanning salons - creams and sprays: list

In this article you will receive recommendations on beautiful and proper tanning in different types of tanning salons. How to sunbathe for the first time and what cosmetics is better to get for an even tan.

How to get an even tan in a solarium? How to start sunbathing in a solarium for the first time?

Before you start sunbathing in a solarium, you need to check with your doctor and make sure that there are no contraindications. In the presence of diseases, especially the cardiovascular system, a visit to the solarium is prohibited. It is also not recommended to sunbathe in the presence of diabetes mellitus, any cancer. During pregnancy and lactation it is better to sunbathe in the sun.

To start sunbathing in a tanning bed is necessary with the preparation of your body. Use an effective scrub, remove all keratinized areas on the skin, to avoid spotting tanning, use a moisturizer. Prepare everything you need for a solarium, take protection for hair and eyes. Predict the desired result and schedule a visit.

In order for the result of tanning in the solarium to be quite effective, you need to take a tan every other day, be sure to use a sunblock. For the first time, ten sessions will be enough. Further visits to the tanning bed can be adjusted based on the results obtained and desired.

Tanning in a tanning bed is most often uneven due to the design features of a tanning chamber. You can achieve an even tan by choosing special tanning beds, which have specially equipped capsules that repeat the bends of the human body.

Benefits, harms and contraindications to tanning beds

The advantage of a tanning bed is the ability to get a tan even in winter. It is much cheaper than going to warmer countries. The artificiality of the rays allows you to remove all the negative and make a tan not only beautiful, but also useful. Using a tanning bed allows you to get rid of the appearance of acne on the skin, strengthens the immune system and saturates the body with vitamin D3, which cannot be obtained with food.

Tanning in a tanning bed is only harmful if it is used too often. Any tan destroys the melanin of the skin, making it harder. This leads to early aging of the skin. Here the harm is not only from the solarium, but from ultraviolet radiation as such. The direct harm from the tanning bed can be received by those people who signed up for the procedure with obvious contraindications:

  • the presence of the first type of skin with freckles
  • during pregnancy and lactation
  • with active skin diseases
  • women on critical days
  • with a large number of moles on the body
  • the presence of cancer
  • use of drugs that prohibit tanning

How to sunbathe in the vertical and horizontal tanning beds?

Horizontal tanning beds are sometimes one-sided, their use is not recommended - this is outdated equipment. Vertical tanning salons do not give a better tan, compared with horizontal ones, this is a myth. The effectiveness of tanning depends on the number of lamas and their power.

In the horizontal tanning bed you can relax and immerse yourself in your thoughts, enjoying the process. In a vertical tanning bed you need to stand, you can hold on to the provided handrails. If there are special lamps for tanning the face, it is necessary that the vertical solarium be equipped with a lift, for people of small stature.

The behavior in tanning salons of horizontal and vertical type is almost the same. You should lie or stand without much activity and wait for the end of the session. Some people prefer to move in a vertical tanning bed, motivating it with the fact that tanning so go to bed faster. It is not true.

How often do you need to go to the solarium to get an even bronze tan?

A visit to the solarium depends on the type of skin and the desired result. It is not recommended to get a tan in the solarium more than twice a year. Usually, a visit to the tanning bed is divided into several sessions, enough 7-10 times to get the result. It is better to go to sessions every other day, giving the skin time to rest and recover.

The best purchased products for a beautiful tan: creams and sprays

Before buying any tool, you must carefully read the recommendations for it. Typically, the package says what type of skin it is suitable for. Additionally, you can consult a doctor. The most effective are:

  • Clarins Body Spray Oil SPF 6
  • Garnier Tanning Booster
  • Nivea Sun Spray Oil
  • oil “The legendary Tan Lancaster

Folk remedies for even tanning in the solarium: natural and essential oils

Amplifiers predominate among folk remedies for even tanning, which positively affect the skin, saturating the body with useful vitamins. Before you go to the beach, drink a glass of carrot juice, the beta-carotene available in it enhances the effect of tanning and gives the skin a pleasant bronze hue. Additionally, you can eat apricots, tomatoes and eggplant. These products are rich in elements that make the skin healthier, which is clearly reflected in tanning.

Tan walnut oil

This oil protects the skin from burns. It is recommended to use in the evening or early in the morning a few hours before going to the beach. You can also eat walnut grains themselves or alternate their intake with Brazil nuts.

Olive oil for tanning

Olive oil is an invaluable ingredient for the skin. Even old skin is significantly rejuvenated when applied. Olive oil protects against burns, makes the skin supple and allows tanning evenly. Used as a tanning lotion. In this case, the skin will receive the most healthy nutrition.

Coconut Tanning Oil

Coconut oil is used to prevent burns. Apply before going out, it is especially useful during a stay in exotic and hot countries. After application, the skin does not redden, is less prone to burns, and the resulting tan lies exactly with a characteristic bronze tint.

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