A short story on the topic: "Earth is a unique planet of the solar system, the universe"

Earth is a unique planet, and why exactly - this will be discussed in the article.

Earth is a beautiful planet, blue from the water that covers it and green from diverse vegetation. It was here that the conditions for the birth of life appeared, and she played with all her diversity and splendor.

Earth is a unique planet of the solar system, the universe

From his very appearance on Earth, a rational man has thought about whether we are alone in the Universe? Is there life on other stars and planets? At the moment, there is no reliable data on whether there is another such Earth somewhere in space.

Only on it, with its rivers and meadows, gorges and mountain ranges, ocean depressions and alpine plains, tropical forests and vast deserts, many different life forms exist and constantly develop, which adapt to the environment and, if necessary, even mutate.

The uniqueness of planet Earth

The Earth itself and its inhabitants affirm the primacy of life and its superiority over non-existence:

  • annual plant vegetation cycles
  • microscopic representatives of flora and fauna at the greatest depths of the seas and oceans
  • under the multi-ton ice at the poles of the planet
  • in high layers of the atmosphere - where else can you find such splendor and a variety of forms and types of life ?!

All this was made possible thanks to a balanced orbit in which the Earth revolves around the Sun - the heart of our solar system. The approximate distance to it from our home planet (which weighs 6.6 sextillion tons) is about 150 million km. Having a diameter of approximately 13 thousand km, Mother Earth annually cruises around the sun, which extends over 584 million km and lasts 365 days + 6 hours + 49 minutes + 9.54 seconds.

If something in this scheme is broken (the speed of rotation around the Sun increases or decreases, the trajectory of motion changes, the magnetic poles move), then life - this priceless gift of nature - on the planet can die (because the luminary can either burn all living things if we we’ll get too close to it, or, conversely, freeze it with a lack of heat with a strong distance from it).

The earth is unique

This suggests that the work of the Solar system and the place of the Earth in its structure are truly unique and work with the accuracy of the mechanism of a Swiss watch. If we consider the most significant aspects of all the amazing earthly processes abstractly, we get the following picture:

  • Earth is the only inhabited planet in the solar system (in any case, to date, scientific evidence that contradicts this has not been found).
  • A wide variety of flora and fauna is observed on the planet in a full dimensional grid (from microscopic representatives to gigantic ones).
  • The temperature regime maintained on Earth is optimal for the full development of all life forms present on it, in contrast to neighboring planets.
  • Earthlings have more than 70% of the water on the surface of the planet, and indeed it is it - the real basis of life;
  • The Earth has a biosphere that gives minerals and food elements to all living things, and humanity has a roof over its head and clothing in addition;
  • Our atmosphere is enriched with oxygen and not saturated with gases poisonous to living organisms, and it is also a protective cover from super-temperatures, which can jeopardize the existence of life on the planet.

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