Top 10 most stolen cars in Russia in 2018-2019: brand, rating, statistics

Overview of the most stolen cars in Russia.

Not so long ago, employees of insurance companies announced a list of the most stolen cars in Russia. The most interesting thing is that the situation has changed significantly in relation to last year. This year, people no longer want to steal expensive premium brands such as Porsche. Car thieves moved to the middle peasants.

Top 10 most stolen car brands in 2018-2019


  1. Kia. The fact is that on domestic roads a decent amount of such cars is enough. Therefore, the demand for them is growing, as well as the demand for spare parts for this car. If before it was quite difficult to get components, now everything is much simpler. Popular models are KIA Rio and Optima.
  2. Hyundai. Demand for spare parts is also used by the data of car brands. The main advantage is that there is no need to interrupt the numbers. These cars are simply disassembled and sold in parts.
  3. Also popular among attackers are brands of Japanese cars, such as Toyota. These cars are also popular among motorists because of the good level of ride, endurance. Toyota cars are popular, models such as Land Cruiser, as well as Camry.
  4. Nissan Perfectly adapted to our useless roads. Cars of this brand are usually not sold as a whole, but dismantled for parts.
  5. Renault Renault cars are currently shipped to 200 countries. They are characterized by excellent quality and assembly.
  6. Less popular car steel Mazda. This is provoked by a crisis in the company.
  7. Lexus Brand cars premium, manufactured by the Japanese corporation Toyota Motor. The most interesting thing is that auto production was launched exclusively for American consumers. Now the brand is popular among many countries of the world.
  8. Audi weakened its position. This is due to a decrease in demand for cars.
  9. Mitsubishi The Japanese brand, which is popular with car thieves because of the demand for spare parts in the secondary market.
  10. Ford. American manufacturer of quality cars.
Car theft

Statistics of car thefts in Russia in some regions

Such cars as the domestic VAZ, BMW, Opel this year steal much less than in the past. The most interesting thing is that this is the average statistics for the country. It changes dramatically in relation to regions. Indeed, expensive, luxury car brands are more popular in the capital, their numbers are removed, interrupted and stolen abroad.

Also popular are brands that are workhorses and do great on our roads. Such cars are usually dismantled for parts and sold. In the capital, practically no cars are stolen by a domestic manufacturer, the VAZ concern.

Auto theft

The most interesting thing is that the statistics in the Krasnodar Territory are significantly different.


  • In the first place are VAZ cars. Especially popular are sixes, sevens, as well as modern sedans and hatchbacks of a domestic manufacturer. This is due to the fact that there are a huge number of such cars in the country. At the same time, it is not difficult to interrupt the numbers and sell the car. They are also often disassembled and resold for parts.
  • Oddly enough, GAZ cars are in second place in the Krasnodar Territory. Gazelles are far from new cars that are not of high quality. But this is a kind of workhorse, which is very in demand in this region. This is due to the fact that this is the resort part of Russia, in which there are many fields, gardens. Such a car will be very useful for any owner of a private house. In addition, the hijackers are captivated by the lack of car alarms and simplicity in theft. There are no supernatural alarm and protection systems. Therefore, a car can be stolen in a matter of minutes.
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As you can see, car thieves do not always prefer expensive cars. Often steal iron horses of a domestic manufacturer.

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