How many users are registered Vkontakte - how to look? How to find out how many people are in VK?

Often, Vkontakte users are very interested to know how many people are registered here. In our article, we will learn how to do this.

Vkontakte is by far the most popular social network in Russia. She has long been a leader among others. Moreover, the number of users here surpasses even Facebook.

Every day tens of thousands of people come here, and from different countries. Vkontakte is gaining more and more popularity abroad and these are not necessarily Russian-speaking countries. In our article we will talk about how many users are registered here and how to find out this number.

How to see how many people are registered on Vkontakte?

For those who are curious to know how many people are registered on Vkontakte, there is just a special user directory. Today, there are more than 450 million of them. It is immediately noticeable that Vkontakte is used not only in Russia, because the country's population slightly exceeds the mark of 145 million.

To see how many people are registered on Vkontakte, open the link - // The page contains a detailed catalog where people are divided into one million each and displayed in the order of registration. If you want to know which queue was yours, then just look at the page ID, it will be the serial number.

User Directory
  • If you want to see how many people have been registered for a certain time, then click on the tedious gap
  • Further, the division will already be 10 thousand people
  • Here we also select the appropriate group
  • Next you will see a page where the division is already carried out in hundreds
  • Also select the desired group
  • Here you will see users who are registered under a certain sequence number
Users with idi

Next to the ID, the name is additionally displayed and if you click on it, the user’s page will open. By the way, the number of new accounts increases every minute by several thousand.

It’s also important to understand that not all profiles are different people. Often create two, three or more accounts. Especially thought out with different goals can create dozens of accounts. If you look at the catalog well, it will become noticeable. Moreover, deleted pages are also stored in the database, which are also displayed inside the directory.

As everyone knows, 7 months after sending a request to delete an account, Vkontakte closes access to it and it cannot be restored. Despite this, they do not delete it at all, it will be saved in the database.

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