Female name Yesenia - which means: description of the name. The name of the girl Yesenia: mystery, the meaning of the name in Orthodoxy, decoding, description, fate, origin, compatibility with male names, nationality

Yesenia: all about a beautiful female name.

The meaning of the name is as important as the genetics that the parents lay in the person. The name affects all spheres of a person’s life, directs and opens up special opportunities for a person. Of course, in order to use this type of energy, you need to know what name it means. This is useful for both prospective parents and the name bearer himself. This article is dedicated to the meaning of the beautiful name Yesenia.

With the sound of this name alone, a beautiful image of green foliage of birch trees, a delightfully rapidly flowing stream and a charming feminine figure appear before your eyes. And not in vain, because the origin of the name is Slavic, Yesenia arose among the Russian steppes, mountains, winds and today, like many years ago, future parents often choose such a name for their daughter.

What does the name Yesenia mean in the church calendar?

Our country is Orthodox, and the natural question arises - what does the name Esenia mean on the church calendar? Here you will probably be disappointed - the name is not Orthodox and is absent in Christmas time. But this is not important, since there is a belief that only a person who has two names lives for a beadless life - for God given at baptism, and for life, which they will call him in life.

For baptism, it is best to choose a name according to the Christmas time according to the month and birthday. This name should be known exclusively to a narrow circle of people: the birthday man, parents and godfathers.

What does the name Yesenia mean?

Holy patron Yesenia

As already mentioned, in the Christmas time there is no Esenia name, therefore Xenia and Esenia are considered the patrons of the name. Also the second patron is that saint in whose honor the child was named at Baptism.

Holy patron Yesenia

The Secret of Yesenia

The girls, who were called beautiful Yesenia, become gentle, feminine natures. Their sensuality and sensitivity were repeatedly sung in ballads and novels. Legends make up their unique energy. The name inherently bears complaisance, femininity, a desire for knowledge of the world and an easy perception of life.

Also, further we will tell about the origin of the name, as well as about the eminent owners of this truly Russian name.

What nationality is the name Esenia?

In the 70s, a romantic film Yesenia, named after the main character, appeared on television screens. A luxurious girl raised in a gypsy family. The film was so loved by the viewer that the rare name Yesenia “grew” to the actress, and the people made the wrong decision that the origin of the name is gypsy. This nation has many beautiful names, but Yesenia is not one of them.

The name is originally Slavic and appeared in the vast multifaceted Russia. The name also has a masculine form - Yeseniy.

Yesenia's name: origin and significance, popularity

The meaning of the name is highly controversial. V. Dahl interpreted the name as "autumn-essen" and believed that the name is perfect for those born in golden autumn. But other scholars of philology argue that on the contrary, the name is associated with spring.

The name was highly popular among the Slavs in the 18-19 century, and then it fell into oblivion briefly. But after the release of the movie of the same name, they again began to register girls with that name. And again forgotten until recently.

Yesenia's popularity by years

Today, many young parents pick up a rare, but at the same time, harmonious name of their daughter, so that it is combined with the surname and patronymic. The name Yesenia perfectly meets these characteristics.

Yesenia - Greek name transcript

A delightful, gentle name could not remain in one territory and gained some popularity around the world. For example, from Greek it is translated as “foreigner” and “distant” (not surprising, because the Slavs really came from far away), and also thanks to the beauty of the representatives of the name, it acquired “jasmine flower” and “clear sky”.

Yesenia name in English, Latin, different languages

Today we are not sitting still. Besides the fact that we travel, we still go to live, study and work in different countries. It is not surprising that the question arises - how does the name sound in a particular language.

  • In English - Yesenia
  • Latin - Autumni
  • French - Yesenia
  • In German - Yesenia
  • In Chinese - 葉 塞尼亞

How is the name Esenia written in the passport?

According to the latest international transliteration of names in passports, which is prescribed in the standards of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) (document No. 9303) dated 05.06.2017, the name Yesenia in the passport should be recorded as ESENIIA.

Yesenia: what short acronym is diminutive?

When choosing a rare name, the most common objection is how will we affectionately call a child? How to reduce the name? Yesenia has many affectionate forms and many holders of common names can envy such a list.

  • Yasya
  • Yasenka
  • Yasechka
  • Senya
  • Senka
  • Senechka
  • Asya (famous poetic Turgenevskaya Asechka)
  • Acechka
  • Yesenushka
  • Esya
  • Yesusha
  • Yesenka

Please note that the abbreviated name can be completely modified, but remains the same gentle and melodious.

Yesenia: the meaning of the name character and fate

Depending on the season in which Yesenia was born, the characteristics of the name vary. We provide a description of all seasons:

  • Winter. Girls born in the winter months are usually hot-tempered, impulsive, emotional, self-confident and selfish. Winter Yesenia will always defend her point of view and will be a frequent guest at the debate, and she herself will love to raise debates and debates. At the same time, Yesenia is always ready to discuss external issues that do not concern her personal space. It develops well in the professional field. At the same time, winter Esenia has a huge heart, its sincerity, love of truth and justice creates a special opinion of others as a good and just person. Because of such contradictions, many will disagree with her, but at the same time respect her point of view. Also often Yesenia, born in winter, become patrons of the arts;
  • Spring. Girls born in the spring grow up purposeful, independent and holistic natures. Openness and friendliness from an early age help surround yourself with a large number of friends and girlfriends. In adolescence, she realizes that she does not need empty fun and is looking for the only companion for life. It is not surprising that the biggest blow in life that Yesenia can experience is the betrayal of a loved one. And often, she never recovers from him, and remains lonely. For Yesenia's parents, it is important from the earliest virginity to convey to her daughter that she is independent and regardless of the likes of people, she can be happy, as well as how to properly understand people;
  • Summer. Yesenia born in the summer, airy, sophisticated, fragile, moreover, dreamy and vulnerable. Yesenia strive all his life to improve the world around him. Throughout their life they surround themselves with beautiful and kind people, choose a creative profession, love collecting and beautiful things. Summer Yesenia is a bright carefree life, not of a “butterfly butterfly”, but of a wise woman who can circumvent sharp corners, get up after falls and move forward to meet a dream;
  • Autumn. But the autumn Yesenia are distinguished by high morality, exactingness, integrity and punctuality. She does not suffer excuses, lies, weaknesses since childhood. In addition, the gentle name and visual airiness have a core, thanks to which Yesenia always remains unshakable. The slightest incrimination of lies and all - you will never find yourself in the circle of confidence of this person. Also autumn Yesenia is insanely attached to the past, the knowledge of itself and the world around it. They often make up the heraldic tree of their ancestors and remember their roots.

What middle name is suitable for Yesenia: compatibility with male names

The name Yesenia, despite the fact that it is Slavic, also coexists perfectly with the patronymics of other nationalities. Please note how succinctly and beautifully sounds that Yesenia Ivanovna, Yesenia Adolfovna, Yesenia Robertovna. But still, you should not forget about the surname. In any case, if you select a name for your future daughter, be sure to “try on” the name of the surname and patronymic.

What middle name is suitable for Yesenia: compatibility with male names

When is the birthday, Angel Day at Esenia according to the Orthodox calendar?

In the Orthodox calendar, the name Yesenia is absent, therefore, it is recommended to note the name day of the name given at baptism.

Congratulations on the Day of Yesenia Angela: short in verse and prose

Yesenia is a beautiful name that bears admiration as spring rain, tender as morning dew, and refined as a Russian birch girl. So we wish to remain as beautiful, kind and tender for many years!

Also, when baptized, Yesenia is given the name Xenia, and therefore a congratulation in her honor.

Happy Angel Xenia
Beautiful girl!
Congratulations darling
May your dreams come true
Let the gardens bloom in your soul
May love come to you
Happiness will bring joy.
Let beloved girlfriends
Will be happy for you.
Let your ears hear
Secrets of the happiness of being!

Video: Song named Yesenia

Video: Yesenia song

Yesenia Tattoo

Yesenia Tattoo

Pendant with the name Yesenia from gold: photo

Jewelry shops offer designers, thanks to which you can create a unique gold pendant with the name Yesenia and not only. Below we provide a photo of such a layout.

Pendant with the name Yesenia from gold: photo

Yesenia's name: intuition, intellect, morality

Yesenia from childhood is curious, observant and they have an analytical mindset. Due to this, their intuition and the ability to implement their plans are widely developed.

Yesenia Name: hobbies, activities, business

By nature, Yesenia is creative and airy on the one hand and purposeful and pedantic on the other. They are good at building a career, business, on the other hand, they do not concentrate on this fully and are actively building their personal lives. But Yesenia, disappointed in family happiness, it would seem, should completely go into business or career, but no. In this case, she chooses charity and philanthropy.

Yesenia's name: health and psyche

Thanks to the activity and determination in life, Esenia most often chooses the right nutrition and sporty lifestyle. This helps not only to follow the figure, but also to maintain good health until old age.

Yesenia's name: sexuality, marriage

Yesenia is married once and for all, even if this is not the first marriage. Is it absurd? Some! Since Yesenia treat the choice of spouse as a choice of particles of himself. Once and for all, in grief and joy, in happiness and difficulties. If subsequently family life does not go well, Yesenia will not ruin the marriage by divorce, but will build relationships indefinitely. But not in the case of treason and betrayal. Here Yesenia categorical, forgiveness can not wait.

Another feature of Yesenia - in her husband’s choice, she focuses on the character’s warehouse, reliability, prospects and attitude of a potential partner to herself and the world around her. Passion? No, Yesenia does not have her in choosing a life partner. It would seem that Yesenia has a cold calculation in her husband’s choice. It may be so, but as practice shows, in most cases, these marriages are happy and durable.

Esenia is mysterious and cold in nature, alluring and repulsive. Such an entity attracts many fans, but their presence or absence does not bother Esenia. Sometimes only vanity amuses. But temperament, passion, sparks, a stream of feelings can be awakened in her only by a loving man, and only then when her brain decides that it is an ideal partner for life.

What sign of the zodiac does Esenia have?

The energy of the name in girls born under the zodiac signs of Gemini and Virgo is most optimally revealed. But the name also gets along well with other characters. None of the signs have negative indicators, so Yesenia can be called year-round.

Stone mascot for the name of Esenia

Yesenia is given the gift of agates and emeralds.

For Yesenia, an emerald is a door that opens a secret, unknown, helping to analyze and, with the help of intuition, look into the future. Also, the emerald drives away bad dreams, does not allow depression, resolving difficulties at the initial level, drives away insomnia. It also casts out evil spirits and does not allow the evil eye and evil slander.

Important: Emerald is a stone of amazing purity and radiance. He does not allow lies and insincerity. Therefore, if a donor betrays Esenia, most often the stone cracks, signaling Esenia about betrayal. But a loving heart, giving an emerald, will help Esenia become successful and happy.

Agate for Yesenia will bring longevity, prosperity and long health. He will also save from adversity, lead away from disasters, help achieve victory in sport and love. Agate also relieves insomnia, nightmares, adds courage in public speaking, helps to achieve heights in material terms, gives a special charm and nobleness to the body and thought.

Stone mascot for the name of Esenia

But it is important to remember that agate must be washed with the owner in order to rid the stone of the heavy energy from which it protects Esenia.

Flower, plant, tree mascot for the name Yesenia

By the name of Esenia, a celery acts as a plant mascot. Yesenia should surround herself both alive and add to food. Thanks to celery, Yesenia has the opportunity to avoid many obstacles and problems. Give a happy long life.

Flower, plant, tree mascot for the name Yesenia

The mascot flower has the same name - Yesenia. Small, snow-white and such vulnerable fully reflect the essence of the bearers of this name.

Yesenia Totem Animal

The totem animal of the name Esenia is a smart, cunning and interesting monkey. This animal has a special energy, and after Yesenia's contact with the monkeys, she opens inspiration. It is not necessary to have a pet, but it is recommended to contact these animals in difficult moments of life.

Yesenia Totem Animal

Yesenia Totem Bird

But the bird is the well-known lark. In France, the lark is a symbol of a good omen, news, change. If a lark is lowered on Esenia’s shoulder or hand in life, this is a special sign, a sign of a great change and unforgettable height that Esenia can achieve if she dares to take a step.

Yesenia Totem Bird

Numerology named Yesenia

Body number - 7

Hidden Spirit Number - 9

Soul Number - 7

The owners of the name Esenia, according to numerology, are endowed with an analytical mind, good intuition and the ability to process a huge amount of information, so they can predict the future. In the Middle Ages, such a gift was called prophetic, and Christianity fought against it, calling it witchcraft. But actually it was a good mindset.

Yesenia are good in philosophy, art, religion. Their ability to persuade, substantiate their thoughts and desires provides great opportunities. But there are also disadvantages.Money matters Yesenia is given not simply, because she can conduct business successfully, but with a good financial director.

Yesenia's color

These aristocratic names belong to Yesenia: juicy red and black as night black.

Colors of Yesenia

Element and planets named after Yesenia

The patrons of Yesenia are the planets Mercury and Saturn. They have no less, and even more influence on women with this name. But the element of Yesenia is Air.

Yesenia's Metal Totem

Yesenia simply must have a talisman made of iron. It can be a decoration for the body, as well as a keychain, figurine, etc. He will give Esenia masculinity, fortitude and the desire for victory.

Auspicious day for Yesenia

According to the location of the zodiac signs and numerology, Tuesday is a favorable day.

Nickname for Yesenia

Choosing a pseudonym, you need to know not only the name of the person, but also his hobbies, age, interests and direction. We give only a few options for the general direction:

  • Flor
  • Jammie
  • Manson
  • Jamison
  • Zea
  • Winckler

Famous people, celebrities with the name Yesenia

The name Yesenia is carried by many famous and talented people, such as:

  • Yesenia Volzhankina - Latvian all-around champion, promising athlete;
  • Yesenia Butorina is a charming gymnast with high expectations despite her young age (2003 year of birth);
  • Singer Yesenia;
  • Yesenia Shlyapnikova is a young but active athlete. Her achievements are staggering.

Watch the video: Hello my name is Yesenia (December 2019).