How to congratulate a girlfriend on her birthday in an original way? Happy Birthday greetings to best friend: in poetry, prose, in my own words, SMS

Birthday greetings are an important part of a relationship between two people. There are many pleasant and beautiful congratulations that you can give: in prose, poetry, short, touching and in the form of SMS. Whatever congratulations you choose, the main thing is not to forget about the holiday of a loved one.

Beautiful and tender happy birthday greetings to a girlfriend in verse

Having a good girlfriend is a great happiness. This person will always share your feelings, anxieties, doubts and even failures. To congratulate a girlfriend on her birthday is an important and necessary thing. Thus, she can express her appreciation, show her love and devotion, present a pleasant trifle and further strengthen her relationship.

Poetry that is specially prepared for her and contains a special meaning will help to congratulate a friend on her birthday very sensually and emotionally. You can congratulate your girlfriend with poems in any of the following ways: write them on a postcard, say in the form of a toast or send them in SMS, the main thing is to remember to show attention.

How to congratulate a girlfriend?

Congratulations verses for girlfriend:

I’ll tell you from the heart, listen, dear ...
In my words love and a bit of longing.
Believe me, there are no friends like you.

We have experienced a lot and a lot has passed!
I don’t know how to survive in this world without you.
I want to share my roads and ways with you.
It’s good that in life we ​​have found each other

I want you to drown in a sea of ​​passion and love!
I want every day to be together and in a circle,
We were followed by luck and real dreams.
Happy holiday to you, dear friend!

Let my wishes become real.
Thank you for being around. when I'm very tight
I give you my love and admiration!

I know that you will not find people like you!
And in the world there are no similarities to you.
I love how you say, you are silent, just breathe,

May I forever wait for you and forever listen
And even in quiet silence just sit!
I want you to be light and hot from love
And there was no reason and reason to suffer!
So that every day I could have surprises and gifts
From loved ones to receive daily!

May all your loved ones be with you forever,
And the day does not give disappointment and doubt.
May everything always end in luck
Everything will be in colors, as it is a birthday!

Ah, if you knew how dear you are to me,
Listen, today I wish
So that your husband will heal you around
The boss, so that from now on he does not load

So that things get along and the money runs,
So that your ears, fingers are golden today gifts.
I want life to spare and love you,
So that every day only a positive and peace gave!

Congratulations on the birth of a friend funny and funny

A girlfriend is exactly the kind of person you can always joke with. She will never be offended and will always gladly accept any congratulation, even one that has a piece of humor. It is this quality that brings people together and makes them relatives.

How to congratulate a close friend?

Congratulations on the jokes:

My beloved friend, dear friend!
Always flawless and fresh.
You are like a superstar - golden
Never go out forever!

I wish you much love
What was lucky and "fortified" always.
May the road lead you to happiness
May they not spoil you for a year!

Be always an awesome girlfriend
For me, for others, for friends.
Everything around will be “super” and “cool”
And life is more fun for you!

Yes, girlfriend, you’re older today
Aged, you matured for the whole year.
Don’t be afraid, you won’t soon become scary,
Thick and big as a hippopotamus.

You do not laugh out loud so that wrinkles
Your good eyes did not hide clear.
Anyway around you men
Jump around like the first time.

Be fun no matter your age
Be sweet, mentally young.
Do not rush to live, because life speed,
Will be able to recoup on you!

Happy birthday greetings to girlfriend humorous and funny.

Even the most ridiculous congratulations with beautiful, but sarcastic words will be perceived by a good friend positively and with a good heart.

How to congratulate a girlfriend with a birthday humor?

Greetings with humor:

You are not just my girlfriend
You are beautiful, sweet as a darling.
Be confident and domineering
For men, so that your eyes are dangerous.

May there be more limousines in life
All the waist envy your aspen.
To be ninety at ninety
More adventures sharp!

What to wish you, friend?
Probably a mink coat.

And even two, but so that right away,
Beautiful necklace in diamonds ...
To go partying in it
Become the envy of blondes

So you take the dream by the tail
And did not lose the beauty!
I want you, my girlfriend,
I did not become a decrepit old woman.

So that youth is kept century
You are my favorite person!

Original birthday greetings girlfriend, funny wishes

Happy Birthday greetings do not have to be similar to what is written on greeting cards. As a rule, such congratulations are monotonous and boring. If you add a touch of humor even to simple verses, the birthday person’s mood will rise significantly, and the holiday itself will become more fun.

How to congratulate a girlfriend with a funny congratulation?

Funny greetings:

You are my friend "fighting",
On your birthday I wish you
Be a beautiful model from the picture,
Be a beloved soulmate

Guys near the feet in stacks
Grasp happiness with your hands
A clean “green” whole bag,
House on the beach, diamonds sauc!

I want you friend
Spouse was able to find.
So that he was handsome and sweet
And I bought you a ring.

So that happiness breaks into your home
So that all misfortunes disappear
To family path
You had someone to go with!

I want Ferrari to be sure,
It stood right under your big window.
So that everyone around you goes awesome
They thought your life was a beautiful sweet dream.

I want your dreams and dreams to come true
There were more classy suitors
I want you not to doubt your friends
And I never knew bad.

Comic birthday greeting to girlfriend

Only the best friend can sincerely congratulate with a share of humor, irony and love. Such a congratulation will set the tone for the whole holiday and give a sea of ​​pleasant emotions for the whole day.

How to congratulate a girlfriend in a comic form?

Comic and ironic greetings:

Me and you - we are together as a family,
So many have lived and gone with you alone.
You are my good sister
Not by blood, but by spirit and for sure.

I wish you from my heart
To be loved and desired by all in the world.
There will be joy in life - I know for sure
There will be a handsome husband and handsome children ...

May your figure not be spoiled by time
Let cakes not turn into calories.
I love you my love
And I want all your dreams to come true!

Here comes your date of birth
With friends we drink and have fun together.
There is food and refreshments on the table,
It is necessary that the pants do not burst!

You are a beautiful and faithful friend
Drink and eat heartily.
We are already dear to each other
And we are very friendly with you.

Every day, let good luck happen
And bypasses the shadow of sorrows, troubles.
Being happy is a difficult task
But you deserve to be happy more than anyone!

Congratulations on the birth of a friend beautiful, original poems

Congratulating a dear person with beautiful verses, you always give him tenderness, respect and love. This is one of the best ways to stand out among all the other friends and show how much your girlfriend means to you. The most beautiful and gentle verses with a touch of originality will come to the rescue.

best congratulations for a good friend

Poems with beautiful congratulations:

To your beloved loyal friend
I want to do this,
So that never worries and ailments,
And trouble could not catch her.

Endlessly so that you would be loved
That the prince was good, that the castle is huge
So that you live carelessly and beautifully
And your life seemed noble!

Here is your day, friend
You are full of fabulous worries today.
Friends sit around the table in a circle
Everyone is waiting in line.

I want a long way,
Anxiety and sadness passed you.

You are alone with us and cost a lot
And your sorrows and sorrow for us.

I want you to believe in a miracle
We are your support, we are friends.
For example, I’ll be with you forever,
You are my favorite family!

You know what I’ll tell you, girlfriend
Today is your holiday, today is your birthday!
May you continue to circle with you
There is great luck in everything!

There are more sincere smiles
And a lot of happiness will be on the way
So that everything happens without errors,
So that you are drowned in love!

Birthday greetings girlfriend short in verse

Short congratulations for a girlfriend on her birthday can become an integral part of the celebration. Such congratulations can easily be sent in the form of SMS, and simply write on a postcard. They are easily perceived and always cause a smile. By sending SMS congratulations to your friend, you show yourself as a respectful and close friend.

greeting sms

Short congratulations:

Congratulations my dear
Be happy every day.
May love accompany you
And luck has a shadow.

I wish you to be loved
On a birthday and always
Be coveted and compelling
May they not age you for a year.

May all come true today
Your desires and dreams.
Let everyone admire around
From radiant beauty!

I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart
And I say all my wishes
May life relate to you
And doubts do not happen in her!

With my hot kiss
I wish you a bright life!
May there be clear hopes
Let it be fashionable clothes!

Congratulations my friend
With this holiday your bright.
I want to find you a friend
So that in abundance was forever intimacy!

I wanted to give you diamonds
But it’s unlikely that they can compare with you.
Here is my gift, prepare a vase -
Flowers with champagne to get drunk!

Congratulations dear
You smell like a flower.
Live sadness and misfortune without knowing
Well, do not forget me!

Congratulations on your birthday to your girlfriend sincerely and from the bottom of my heart

Only a true best friend is able to convey all her feelings, all her love and devotion in congratulatory verses for her birthday. Beautiful soulful words will melt any ice of grievances, decorate the holiday and just like two people.

how to sincerely congratulate a friend?

Sincere congratulations:

I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart
And I will tell you tears without melting
That I seriously adore you
You are my support and joy.

Let it not become a stranger over the years
Our friendship, you are like a sister to me.
That grows fast between us
Consists of love and kindness.

I want you to be happy
And lived in her house in love
To make the appearance still beautiful
I’ve lived yours for a hundred years.

Let all dreams come true
To the joy of loved ones, to the envy of enemies.
Let the beloved lay all the roses
To your long, beautiful legs.

We probably know friendship forever
We joyful with a sad hand passed.
And you’ve become like dear to me,
You became my piece of soul.

With you, we have become one force
I want all your dreams to come true hourly.
In any battle you seemed invincible
And every day pursued by happiness!

Happy birthday greetings to a girlfriend to tears, touching verses

Touching congratulations can make any person feel sorry, including their best friend. As a rule, touching greetings to tears are the best, they always remain in memory and are stored with trepidation for many years.

how to congratulate to tears?

Congratulations to tears:

How do you not meet people in this world
and it's great that you are a girlfriend for me.
I will tell you frankly from my heart,
I cherish you, my love!

You are a faithful, kind person and it is true,
I always come to you for competent advice and help.
I am sure that you will give me everything that is necessary
And you won’t let me drown in trouble in an instant!

It's great that we celebrate our birthday
Yours and we congratulate you!
My gratitude is your reward
Award for love and good deeds!

I wish that all that is, will always be successful,
Things are going to friends for joy, to all enemies for evil.

May life not rush and be too hasty
May everything around you be good!

Not just a friend, my best friend,
How happy I congratulate you
I love my soul and I respect you!
And I wish you good with your heart!

May it be good in the house, okay in your family,
I want all your dreams to always come true.
I would give the whole world to you
And she would give the stars if they had fallen from heaven ...

I want you to smile, girlfriend
So that you are always happy
So you never suffer from ailments
And so that you don’t get old!

SMS birthday greetings to a friend, short and beautiful greetings

There are situations when it is simply impossible to attend a birthday party. In such cases, you should send a beautiful congratulatory SMS to your best friend to show your attention, respect and love.

SMS for a close friend on holiday

SMS with congratulations:

You are a good friend to me
I want to wish on this holiday
To be insured against all worldly ailments
And do not know loneliness with longing!

You are bright and stylish beauty
I give you a bag of love, warmth and affection,
So that your life floats like a boat
On the river of happiness, as if in a sweet fairy tale!

I'm on this birthday party
I want to wish you luck.
So that you dance from the heart
Gifts would be good!

(Name) Happy Birthday!
I wish you
The most joyful events
Both in life and in fate !!!

How to congratulate a girlfriend on her birthday in prose, in my own words?

In order to congratulate your beloved girlfriend, it is not necessary to search for suitable verses. You can congratulate her with beautiful words too. Prose, as a rule, is always perceived more sensually and sincerely, because without rhymes and harmonies you can express all your feelings.

prosaic greetings

Prosaic greetings:

  • My dear friend, you are my kind, beloved and reliable man, you are protection from anxieties, my support and my sincere joy. How joyful it is to realize that I have such a dear friend who is able to come and help at any moment, to listen and advise, to listen to all my life experiences and problems without envy and ridicule. Today is not only a wonderful occasion to congratulate you and say warm words to you, but also to thank you for what it is! Live with love, wealth and understanding in the family. May God send the most powerful guardian angel, who will hug you tightly every day! I adore you!
  • Favorite (name of girlfriend)! Today I rejoice at your holiday more than your own. Know that this holiday is joy for us. The world gave to all your loved ones a wonderful person pure in heart and soul. Thank you for your every good deed, for your endless understanding and support. I want to say that people like you can no longer be found in the world, they simply do not exist! Happy birthday to you!
  • Dear friend, I want to congratulate you. You are wonderful a person, and therefore, everyone who is present today at this holiday loves you, and most importantly, values ​​and values ​​your good attitude. Thank you for everything you do for us every day, thank you for not forgetting and always lending a helping hand!

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