What to do on the street alone on a rainy day? What to do in the rain at home?

If you do not know what to do on a rainy day, our article will help you.

If the weather is cloudy and it rains in the morning, then this is not a reason to become discouraged. Drive away the blues. If even this gray drizzle ruined any plans for the day, there is always the opportunity to save the day and cheer yourself up. So how do you spend your day when it rains outside?

What to do on the street alone in the rain?

It is not necessary to postpone the planned walk. It is clear that a country outing in the company of friends will have to be postponed, although there are so irrepressible adventurers that the rain will not stop them. But suppose that you do not belong to those, and you really want to take a walk, albeit in splendid isolation. Fine!

Arm yourself with an umbrella, or put on a raincoat, put on your waterproof boots and turn on your fantasy:

  • If it’s summer outside, then you can recall the children's fun and joyfully run through the puddles.
  • Just take a walk, breathe air, go to the park, or walk along the storefronts.
  • It has become boring, invite a friend for a walk, or drop by him for tea.
  • Sit in a nearby cafe with a cup of coffee.
  • Go to the cinema, you have been dreaming about it for so long, but there wasn’t enough time.
  • Many motorists prefer to sit out in the shower, enjoying the warmth of the stove and pleasant music.
Take a walk under the umbrella

Do not lock yourself at home and get bored, because cloudy weather is not a reason to deny yourself an interesting walk and a breath of fresh air.

What to do in the rain at home?

If, nevertheless, the weather cleared up and the cold shower was supplemented by a gusty wind, then the walk will have to be rescheduled for another day. But at home there will always be a beloved and useful work, which should be devoted to suddenly free time.

Rainy day

So, what can you do at home on a rainy day:

  • Put your house in order. No one talks about spring cleaning, although if there is a desire, then go ahead. If the dull weather is lazy and you are not capable of special feats, then just put everything on the shelves, do an easy cleaning, or sort through things that your hands can’t reach.
  • Come up with fun. If you do not want to work at all, it does not matter, you do not need to rape yourself, just relax. Review your favorite movies, sitting on the couch under a cozy blanket, or read a book. You can play a computer game, review photos, solve a couple of crosswords, or add a picture of puzzles.
  • Devote time to your favorite hobby. Just imagine that you can spend a whole day on your favorite pastime, which you can usually devote a minimum of time to! Sew, knit, draw, embroider. If you have a mood, write poems, and if you are a musician, then think about it and play. Playing a musical instrument is the best way to dispel melancholy in rainy weather.
Rain activities
  • Indulge yourself with something delicious. On the Internet you can find a lot of interesting culinary recipes. Spend some time in the kitchen and in this cold weather prepare a juicy, hot dish for yourself, or indulge in homemade cakes.
  • Engage in self-development. You can spend your free time to good use and acquire new knowledge and skills.

If you are bored at home in bad weather, then use one of these tips and spend time to your advantage. And, if this does not help to dispel melancholy, call friends or go to visit them.

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