How to choose earrings according to the shape of the face? How to choose the correct shape of earrings in the shape of a face?

In this article, we will talk about how to choose earrings. It is worth paying attention not only to whether you like the jewelry or not, but also to what oval of your face.

But did you know that there is a whole theory about the selection of jewelry in accordance with the shape of the face? Of course, the principle “you need the soul to lie” is relevant in everything and always, but some physical features must also be taken into account. In this case, it will be possible to smooth out too sharp facial features or, conversely, emphasize the merits. You yourself will be surprised how much the appearance can be transformed, if you successfully select the jewelry!

How to choose earrings according to the shape of the face?

It’s not difficult to make a choice today, because the list of jewelry and jewelry is quite large. Let’s see what earrings are popular today, who will suit:

  • Drops - as you can already understand from the name, are made in the form of a droplet resembling a dewdrop, a teardrop. Gold, silver and precious stones are the leading materials. The droplet is a kind of suspension, though small. Therefore, the oval face does not hurt, and even, on the contrary, will do.

IMPORTANT: If the face is too elongated, it is better to choose a different model of jewelry, no matter how you are attracted by sparkling droplets.

Transparent droplets Drops can be colored. drops with many faces Gracefully emphasize the oval of the face Drops with a pattern
  • Earrings with pendants - unlike droplets that have a certain shape, pendants can be any, absolutely different shapes. Various materials made of metal, beads, beads, stones act as a material. Width is also the most diverse. However, it is necessary to select such jewelry with great care, as women with an elongated face will only harm them. But the owners of the swan neck will benefit, because the pendants will only emphasize its attractiveness
Fancy Shape Pendants Wing shaped Round pendants Colorful Snowflake Pendants Pendants can even contain whole pictures - for example, portraits In the form of birds Long elegant pendant
  • Puseti is an excellent everyday option that is gaining more and more popularity. There are very small catkins resembling cloves, but there are instances larger. As a rule, the latter include pearl earrings. Like ordinary cloves, the studs are quite versatile, that is, they blend equally well with any type of face
Pearl earrings With precious stones For everyday style Multicolored earrings Several colors in one decoration Earrings are also popular among models. Emma Watson
  • Round earrings - with enthusiasm are bought up by girls who want to look bright, especially in the spring and summer. Such jewelry has an extremely simple structure in the form of a round pendant with a clasp. Pendants are mostly solid, but sometimes they are just found in the form of rings - an example of this is the oldest kind of earrings in the world of the Congo. Smooth or patterned, large or smaller, silver or gold - all of them are equipped with the most reliable clasp, which represents the pin included in the hollow container. Thanks to this, the ring looks solid. Of all types of round jewelry, the Congos are the most universal and go well with pusetas.

IMPORTANT: Women with a round face shape need to be careful, despite the versatility of the Congo. However, as with the rest of the type of round earrings - even with completely closed ones made of metal, plastic or wood.

Jennifer Lopez Ring Earrings Congo Earrings One-piece round earrings
  • Chandelier earrings are a combination of earrings and pendants. This combination is complex, has many levels, is cumbersome. And, although she emphasizes femininity, it is not suitable for everyone. So, for miniature women it is better to refuse such an accessory - a small elegant face and chandelier earrings do not combine. But if you are not tiny and have a thin chin combined with wide cheekbones and a pronounced forehead - that is, the shape of the face is heart-shaped - such a decoration will fit perfectly into the image. Especially if it contains diamonds
Bright graceful model Sharp angles Model consisting of several teardrop-shaped pendants Bright chandeliers Megan Fox Beyonce
  • Bunch earrings are similar to earrings by the method of attachment to the ear, however, they differ in that they are a pile of beads, rhinestones or stones. This pile goes down below the earlobe. Such earrings are not suitable for chubby ladies, since large elements will only aggravate the overall picture. But for girls with a small chin, they will even have to face
Gentle neat bunch Bunch of flowers

What earrings will fit an elongated face, photo

  • A rectangular face is the second name of this type. The cheekbones, forehead and chin are wide enough, but the face is very elongated. It is very similar to oval, but the features are more rigid. It may seem to some that a person in such a case is worth visually expanding, but this is an erroneous opinion. Round earrings, clips are best avoided
  • An exception can be made, perhaps, for the pusset, which are attached directly to the lobe, so that the views of others stop above the line of the chin. Pusets are able to visually visibly soften a sharply protruding chin
  • Often owners of an elongated face have a long nose, which they want to adjust. This can be done thanks to the large pendants on the earrings. However, keep in mind that suspensions should not be too long.
    Pearl jewelry is ideal, which bring enough softness to the image, thereby softening facial features
  • It’s best if they are pearl pendants. It is recommended to pay attention to pendants made in the form of bends that visually expand the cheekbones, which makes the elongated face more harmonious. The square shape of the earrings is also able to visually give the face a missing width.

IMPORTANT: Whatever earrings are chosen in the end, keep in mind that the bottom should be rounded, and all details should be clearly drawn. Even if the shape is close to triangular, it is important that the sharp end is at the top.

Puseti Pearl earrings and a curved shape are what you need Round pendants Teardrop pendant smooths facial features Pendants Small earrings do not emphasize the chin Rounded shape of earrings Angular earrings visually expand the face Round pendants

What earrings are suitable for a round face, photo

Women with this type are very suitable for drop-shaped, triangular, rectangular and oval earrings that seem to stretch their face. Thickness they should be average, but it is advisable to look at the delicate decorations. It’s just excellent if the corners of the jewelry are pronounced, the geometric shapes are clearly defined.

IMPORTANT: The round shape is contraindicated unambiguously, since it only rounds the face even more. Even suspensions of the specified form avoid. Perhaps this case is one of those rare cases when even universal cloves should be selected with great accuracy. Definitely it is necessary to exclude carnations in the form of stars, rhombs.

Long earrings Pendants Long thin earrings A little thicker, but the shape is elongated Oval pendants Several pendants visually lengthen the face Long earrings transform round oval faces

What earrings will fit an oval face? A photo

Women with this form are considered to be real lucky, because their appearance is universal in this regard - you can choose almost any jewelry model without fear.

It is best to choose oval earrings with the same pendants, as they favorably emphasize the classic shape of the face, without distorting it at all. Drop earrings also look stunning. You can try everything from small studs to large rings.

IMPORTANT: However, there is one caveat even for this type of face - it is better to avoid too long thin earrings, otherwise the oval will become too elongated. Similar models are also called "threads."

On Megan Fox chandelier earrings look amazing Charlize Theron and large round earrings Carnations also look amazing Congo Oval pendants perfectly emphasize the oval of the face ... as with Jessica Alba Congo Chandeliers Tassel Pendants A few rings look great too Legendary Grace Kelly Elegant pendants, but not too thin

The right earrings for a triangular face shape

The triangular shape of the face involves a wide forehead and a narrow chin, that is, a triangle with a base at the top. This means that you will need to visually supplement the bottom to somehow balance the oval.

Bulk earrings are best suited for such a purpose - clusters, chandeliers, large rings, pendants. Such jewelry should expand to the bottom, that is, in no case do not repeat the shape of the face. Curved lines of various kinds are just a godsend. Remember that the steeper the bends, the more magnificent and intricate the shape - the better.

Round pendant adds volume to the bottom ... like a rectangular pendant Large round earrings - a great solution Drop pendants Intricate shape - great solution Spiral large earrings perfectly complement the lower part of the face

Perfect square face earrings

The square face contains a broad forehead, cheekbones and chin. The angles are pronounced, but the face itself is not too elongated. In this case, it is necessary to soften the lines of the cheekbones and chin. And what can this do better than ring earrings?

Brave girls can, with a clear conscience, acquire even huge rings - they will soften the lines of the face and visually make the face smaller. Ornaments with round pendants and elongated models are also ideal. Droplets, curved shape - a wonderful solution.

IMPORTANT: It is better to refuse wide jewelry, as well as representing many chains. Despite the fact that the square in its pure form is quite rare, that is, the line of the chin does not often coincide with the line of the forehead, earrings with a flat base should not be purchased.

Pendants teardrop pendants Successful curved shape Teardrop pendants Feather Earrings and in the form of drops chandelier earrings Julianne moore Circle is the perfect solution Long pendant lengthens the face Rings are great too The oval pendant also looks great

Who should use the earrings of the ring?

These earrings are designed for courageous women who are not afraid to wear large jewelry. However, the rings can be small. We mentioned above that rings are extremely undesirable for chubby ladies. However, if you still want something similar, you can recommend the oval-shaped congo. In addition, due to a variety of tricks in the form of elongated pendants, the roundness is slightly smoothed out. The ring itself in some models has a florid shape, which also focuses not on width, but on length.

IMPORTANT: If a child wants to wear small rings, it is recommended to choose miniature Congo, since such a model does not get tangled in the hair. In addition, the Congo has a very comfortable clasp that does not interfere even with the child.

Those who are attracted by the combination of several jewelry will definitely like the Congo in combination with small rings or pusets. In general, small rings are suitable even for business meetings. Well, for walks, of course, you can choose something in the gypsy style. If you have an oval, triangular, diamond-shaped or square face - feel free to get earrings-rings, they will perfectly enrich the image.

Elongated ring The elongated model is perfect for a round face Rings in the waves Great for oval face Small rings silver ring Big rings Several rings Thick rings Long pendant ring

Who should use long earrings?

Elegant models for the holiday or neutral for everyday events, all-metal or with decorations, plain or openwork, with inserts - a variety of models literally makes your eyes run up.

And the owners of an oval or round face can not worry about this, boldly allowing themselves to purchase something from the one they liked. The square oval goes well with crystals and rhinestones on long jewelry. The narrow chin is perfectly complemented by models extended to the bottom or a lot of pendants.

IMPORTANT: If you are distinguished by a dense physique, it is better to refuse long earrings with massive pendants, since they only visually give even more volume.

Young women can recommend aerial models, thin threads of jewelry.

For evening outings in the form of a peacock feather Long model under the dress teardrop-shaped long earrings The combination of pusets and long pendants Long pendant earrings Filamentary Earrings With pearl pendant

Who should use the ball earrings?

Ball earrings are quite diverse in appearance - this is one ball, and clusters, and a large jewelry, and a small one. Such earrings will fit perfectly both in a festive way and in everyday life. At the same time, despite the simplicity, they perfectly emphasize femininity. Small carnations are quite versatile, even children can wear them. Pusets have won fans around the world. However, ladies with a round face shape should choose such jewelry with caution.

Multicolored earrings Translucent balls Large balls Carnations Pendant ball Several ball pendants

How to choose the perfect shape of earrings: tips and reviews

Despite the fact that it is better to decide in advance what can suit you and which definitely should not fit into the image, many women still recommend trying on jewelry. The fact is that pure facial types are rare enough, so it’s easy to sometimes confuse an oval face with too long and so on.
Nevertheless, it is worth listening to the general advice:

  • If a girl is elegant and fragile, jewelry should be elegant, regardless of the contour of the face. Even with a triangular face shape, it is advisable not to combine excessively massive earrings in the event that their owner is a miniature girl
  • Physiological characteristics are important not only in relation to the face, but also regarding the ears themselves. Not all women gave nature neat ears. In this case, you should not pay close attention to this part of the body, preferring small stones and discreet models
  • Consider age. So, even if you pick up the jewelry in strict accordance with the shape of the face, but it will be made of plastic, and you are already at the same time, refuse to buy. Plastic is quite frivolous and is suitable only for young women

IMPORTANT: Even if massive jewelry is desired for your character, still wear it for a special occasion. Such earrings are not suitable for daily wear, because they noticeably delay the earlobe, which can lead to a feeling of discomfort.

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