How to and where to store dried apricots, prunes, raisins at home, what and how much: storage conditions and shelf life in accordance with GOST, recommendations

Features of storage of dried apricots, prunes and raisins.

Summer has come to an end and those housewives who harvested and harvested for the winter are reviewing their stocks.

On the other hand, not all latitudes grow, for example, grapes and apricots. Therefore, often without buying berries and fruits for further drying, they simply can not do.

Previously, we examined the methods and nuances of cooking dried apricots, prunes at home.

Today we’ll talk about the features of their storage.

What is the processing of dried apricots for storage?

photo of dried apricots industrial and home-dried

Harvesting dried apricots on an industrial scale involves its treatment with sulfur dioxide. On the packaged finished product in the list of ingredients you will see its designation E220.

Thanks to this preservative, dried apricots retain their bright color and attractive presentation.

By the way, sulfur dioxide, or sulfur dioxide, is toxic and is a strong allergen, which affects primarily asthmatics, people with gastrointestinal diseases.

  • Another harmful preservative is gasoline, more precisely its fumes. After processing it, dried fruits acquire a characteristic odor.
  • In order for dried apricots to retain their shine, the harvesters soak it in fat, low-quality vegetable oil, glycerin.
  • Another way to give bright colors to dried apricots is to soak them in a food coloring.

Naturally dried apricots harvested by drying:

  • color is dark, brownish
  • no shine, on the contrary - they are dusty and matte
  • more nutrients stored
  • there is damage from insects
  • skin stiffness is maintained

What is the right way and where is it better to store dried fruits - dried apricots and prunes, raisins in the apartment according to GOST: recommendations

different dried fruits are packaged in glass containers for storage on kitchen shelves

The ideal place to store dried fruits is the basement, attic, any dry and cool room. Ideal parameters are 15 ℃ and 70% humidity.

If you are unable to provide such conditions, store dried fruits in a cupboard in the kitchen. It must be removed from the refrigerator, stove, microwave, kettle.

  • Choose storage containers made of glass, wood, ceramic or burlap. The requirement for them is the same - tightness of the blockage to prevent moisture and penetration of bug pests.
  • Store dried fruits separately from each other, for example, a can of dried apricots, a can of raisins, a can of prunes. This will significantly reduce the chances of a tribe, spoilage of products.
  • Review stocks periodically. If they begin to deteriorate, dry them in the oven over low heat.
  • Not long storage of dried fruits in the freezer is allowed. However, be sure to bake them in the oven afterwards. The exception is prunes. It feels great when stored in low temperatures.
  • Mold drives dried mint. Pour dried fruit over it and place in burlap.
  • Another assistant in the fight against excess moisture is salt. If you store dried fruits in a cupboard in the kitchen, place a bowl of salt next to them. The latter will absorb the wet vapor of the room

Is it possible and how much to store dried apricots, dried apricots, prunes, raisins in the refrigerator?

girl checks containers with dried fruits in refrigerators that are in storage

The answer is unequivocal - it is possible. So store the prunes in the freezer for an unlimited amount of time. And dried apricots with raisins - until signs of spoilage appear.

In the refrigerator, these dried fruits feel great in a vacuum container for 90-120 days.

How to keep very soft dried apricots?

a bag with soft dried apricots, which is properly stored at home

Perhaps the only way is to prevent her from drying out excessively.

Watch for:

  • temperature, humidity in the room
  • the tightness of the container in which dried apricots are stored

Choose glass, wooden, ceramic containers to preserve dried apricot.

Follow all storage rules outlined in the section above.

So, we examined the features of industrial drying of apricots, as well as the requirements of GOST for storing dried fruits in the room and in the refrigerator.

Be careful when choosing dried fruits that you plan to keep during the cold season. Take your storage seriously and eat natural vitamins year-round.

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