How to do a neck massage yourself: basic techniques and techniques of self-massage

In this article we will look at how to do an independent neck massage.

Great loads are placed on our neck not only during long sedentary work, but also add an incorrect landing with an unknown letter, but even while walking. Moreover, the muscles of the neck and shoulder are less developed than others. After all, performing even different types of work, most often the neck is in tension.

And few people give due attention to neck massage, which can be easily performed independently. And the neck is responsible for many important functions in our body. Therefore, we propose to consider the basic techniques and techniques for self-massage of the neck.

The main techniques that are used for self-massage of the neck

In general, any massage consists of three components - this is the preparation of the skin and upper tissues, the main part or warm-up of deeper areas and a calming completion. Neck massage also consists of basic complexes, which are very easy to carry out independently. By the way, the main thing with this requirement is a comfortable posture, which can be seated. Therefore, you can stretch your neck even during the working day.

  • Stroking takes pride of place at the beginning and end of a neck massage session and not only. Movements are made without pressure or crush, with light touches with the fingertips or the entire palm. They are directed exclusively from top to bottom. First you need to work with the back of the neck, moving smoothly to the front side.
  • Trituration promotes muscle warming, which makes them more supple. It also serves to minimize the unpleasant sensations that are possible when performing the following techniques. It should be done quickly enough and combined with stroking movements. You need to rub the neck area with the whole palm, moving in one direction, working alternately with each hand. You can immediately warm up your neck with both hands. But further, moving from the ears to the middle of the throat, working with the fingertips, and exclusively in the direction of the jugular cavity.
  • Kneading go to the next position and include a whole set of different movements. The neck can be wrinkled with one hand or two, capturing the muscles. You start from the back of the head, and then smoothly pass through the ear and begin to gently knead the sternocleidomastoid muscle. Finding her is very simple. To do this, tilt your head to the side. Kneading in this area is done with pinching movements, trying to “crush” the muscle.
    • The complex also includes stretching, squeezing in the back region. With circular movements of the fingers or even with a clenched fist, walk along the spine from the base of the skull to the shoulders themselves. Grips should be carried out with the thumb and forefinger, sinking strictly down.
  • After such active actions, proceed to shake or vibrations. Such movements can be performed with fingers or hands. Of course, you “break” the back side with the edge of the palm of your hand, but carefully pass the front part with your fingers.
Self-massage of the neck includes three main stages

How to do a neck massage yourself: types and techniques of self-massage

It is impossible not to mention that neck massage helps to fight insomnia, frequent headaches, pressure surges, as well as nervous breakdowns. Neck massage is a must for people with sedentary and hard work. It is noted that only 15 minutes of kneading will already increase efficiency by 2 times. In addition, such self-massage enhances immunity and improves skin condition. But let's move from positive aspects to direct practice.

Important: Massage the neck or any other parts of the body should be done only on a clean body! Yes, you can stretch the cervical spine a little in between work, but a full massage is carried out only after taking a shower. And for a surge of energy, experts recommend doing a neck massage in the morning. Also, for better glide and effect on deep muscles, use oils. Creams, even oily ones, are absorbed very quickly, and massage becomes not just uncomfortable, but even painful to do.

Types of neck massage:

  • classic massage scheme implies the use of all techniques in a generally accepted order. An approximate plan of movements and their sequence we have indicated above;
  • cosmetic neck massage specifically aimed at tightening the skin and eliminating wrinkles. Also helps fight the second chin;
  • acupressure It is done by a specific click on the desired points, which are responsible for these or other organs. Performing it at home is a little dangerous. Since even a millimeter deviation or incorrect observance of combinations can cause undesirable consequences;
  • relaxing massage is a preventative measure. It also helps to remove hardening of muscles, their overstrain or deposition of salts;
  • therapeutic massage of the neck performed using all kinds of auxiliary tools. For home and independent use fit:
    • any plastic or bamboo massager in the form of a roller. It is convenient for them to massage the neck even while watching TV;
    • bamboo sticks are suitable for tapping on the neck with different intensities;
    • a glass bottle that is suitable for smoothing;
    • terry cloth, which is used for grinding;
    • ribbed or regular ball, which will help get to deep points.
Neck massage can be done with one or two hands.

Scheme of independent classic neck massage

  • We sit on a chair, the back should be even, and the legs bent at the knees, we put the feet shoulder width apart. It is important that you feel relaxed.
  • We begin to independently stroke the back of the neck, gradually moving to the front. 1-2 minutes is enough. Do just with your fingers from top to bottom.
  • After that, you increase the rhythm and force of pressing, so to speak, warm up the muscles. We use rubbing and massaging circular actions for this. This should take about 2-3 minutes. Movements are very fast.
  • After warming up, you can proceed to the main elements. That is, start with the edge of the brush near the thumb to perform some pressure on the back to and from the spine. Do not touch the spine itself.
  • Then go with pushing movements down from the hairline with your thumbs. Ahead, reduce the intensity and start all the lines to the jugular cavity, which is located at the junction of the clavicles.
  • Keeping your head straight, with your thumbs, massage the protruding parts between the hollow along the ridge and the ears.
  • Tilt your head forward and work out a hole in the back of the head. It passes well from ear to ear with up-and-down movements, and after from the center of the base of the neck you go down through the ears to the base of the clavicles. Do with the fingertips.
  • Then go on to the tingling and grabbing. On the back, grab the skin and sink to the shoulders themselves. From the front, you only gently pinch your neck.
  • Then proceed to the rhythmic patting movements, that is, vibration. Allocate to it for 1-2 minutes.
  • After that, sharply, only with the fingertips begin to gently stroke the neck.
On the front of the neck, reduce the pressure

Relaxing neck massage by express technique

  • It is this massage that will help renew strength during a hard working day. Moreover, it can be performed in any convenient position.
  • Start by ironing. But you need to fully press the palm of your hand to your neck and walk with little force around the entire circumference.
  • Edge of the palm make lowering movements with an already stronger onslaught.
  • With your fingertips in a circular motion you need to massage from the upper part of the nape to the clavicle, gradually sinking down. Approximately 3-4 approaches will be released.
  • Do small grips with the whole palm, moving from the back of the head to the Adam's apple. During such movements, try to stretch the skin a little.
  • Calm the skin of the neck with stroking movements.
Literally 10-15 minutes of self-massage will help 2 times increase vigor

How to do cosmetic neck massage?

  • This type of massage differs from all other techniques in that it is performed in the opposite direction. That is, all movements are directed upwards.
  • The massage begins with stroking the fingertips. You need to start with the collarbone, rising to the very chin.
  • After you need to go to circular motions, again only with your fingertips. Pay special attention to the top.
  • On the back side, pass with the edge of the palm moving up. The head is strongly bent forward.
  • With index fingers, or rather with the side or rib, do alternate movements of the hands from bottom to top. The pace should be fast. You kind of “break” the second chin. The neck should be extended.
  • After patting movements, go all over your neck, working with your fingertips.
  • Do stroking your fingers from the collarbone to the chin, and at the end walk again with the "movements of the pianist." It’s more convenient to cross your arms while massaging opposite sides.

As you can see, doing a neck massage yourself is quite easy and simple. Moreover, it is enough to allocate 10-15 minutes a day to significantly improve your well-being. By the way, it is noted that after 2-3 weeks frequent attacks of headache disappear, pain even in the back area calms down, and the skin looks more toned and fresh.

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