How much and how to boil baby clothes and overalls? Boiling laundry with soda, bleach, laundry soap, bleach: instructions

Instructions for boiling baby clothes and overalls.

Modern technology has allowed the housewives to forget what boiling is. Despite this, some women still boil their laundry. In this article we will explain how and why to do it.

Boiling laundry with soda and laundry soap: instructions

There are several options for boiling linen. Basically, the boiling method is not intended to remove stained spots. The main purpose is to return the original whiteness to cotton products. Synthetic products must not be digested. Only cotton or linen items are served in such manipulations. For the procedure, it is necessary to wash things in advance, dry and remove stubborn stains with stain removers. Only then can it be washed.

The easiest and most affordable way that will return the sheets to a beautiful whiteness with a blue tint is digestion with laundry soap.


  • It is necessary to pour water in a 10 liter boil-off and dissolve 250 g of soda in it, as well as 200 g of laundry soap. It is pre-ground on a grater
  • Please note that both baking soda and soda ash can be used. These substances perfectly soften the liquid.
  • After boiling water, immerse the laundry there and mix with a wooden stick or tongs
  • The time during which it is necessary to carry out digestion is one and a half hours. On average, 10 kg of water requires 4 kg of things
  • You should not load more, because this can cause poor-quality digestion and the appearance of spots or uneven whiteness
Digestion of bed linen

How much does overalls need to boil?

Many employees of metallurgical plants, as well as car service centers, do not know what to do with their workwear. Mostly large enterprises have dry cleaners, but small car services cannot boast of such farms, so you have to wash your workwear yourself. There is another, very interesting, unusual way for this.


  • To prepare the solution, it is necessary to dissolve in half a kilogram of laundry soap and baking soda in 10 liters of water. It is also worth pouring 300 g of silicate glue into a container
  • After the mixture boils again, it is necessary to pour 100 ml of kerosene into it. Do not be surprised, this solvent is used to wash, remove greasy stains of fuel oil, as well as engine oil
  • After that, things are lowered into the solution and boiled for 40-60 minutes. The boiling time depends on the strength of the pollution, the number of spots
  • Further, things after cooling in a pan are transferred to a container with dissolved soap. To prepare this solution, you need to grate 400 g of laundry soap and throw in 8 l of water. Boil overalls in this solution for 35 minutes
  • Leave to cool, rinse thoroughly in warm water and hang to dry in the street
Terry towels

How to boil baby underwear: instruction

For this, it is best to use baby soap.


  • You need to grate the product 200 g, pour a liter of boiling water and wait until the mass turns into a paste
  • Next, the mixture is poured into a 10 liter pan, and brought almost to the brim with water
  • When the liquid in the pan boils, add things to the solution, mix and boil for 20 minutes
  • It is necessary to thoroughly rinse out children's things so that the baby does not have allergies
  • It is best to dry baby romper shoes, as well as diapers in the open air, that is, on the street
Boiling baby clothes

How to boil linen with bleach and soda: instructions

This method is only suitable if there are no colored inserts on the laundry and it is quite dense. Otherwise, when the process is repeated many times, the laundry will simply tear and become brittle.


  • Pour 500 g of bleach and 500 g of baking soda into a large pot
  • Next, pour water in an amount of 10 l and bring to a boil
  • After that, linen is introduced into the mixture, boiled for an hour or a half
  • It all depends on the amount of stains and soiling of the laundry.
  • This method is ideal if there are bloody stains on your underwear that you didn’t manage to clean on time.
  • Excellent contamination from fuel oil or fruit juices
  • In addition, this method allows you to give the linen a beautiful whiteness and restore its color, which eventually turned gray
Snow-white sheets

Digestion is a necessary manipulation during washing clothes for newborns and allergy sufferers.

Boiling laundry with bleach

A good novelty effect can be obtained by boiling linen with Amway universal bleach.

Bring a solution for boiling - 15 mg of bleach (1 cap from the lid) and 3 l of water. We put the laundry in a boiling solution and boil the laundry after boiling for 10-20 minutes.

You can not worry about color prints on clothes and fabrics when boiling. Colors remain unchanged, only grayness, yellowness and spots are removed.

By this link You will find instructions for this bleach on the official website.

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