Jewelry and gold jewelry with diamonds: photos, how to wear? The most beautiful, expensive diamonds and the largest diamond in the world: photo, description

The magical and healing properties of a diamond.

A diamond is the king of all stones. Any representative of the beautiful half dreams of owning diamonds. However, to have them, you need to know how to wear them correctly, with what clothes you can wear diamonds and many other nuances. This will be discussed later.

How to wear diamonds?

There are a lot of rules on how to wear diamonds. If you want to have a jewelry with such a stone, or you already have it, then you need to know these rules and try to follow them. Only in this way you will not look from the outside tasteless.

If you believe the story, then in the 19th century only married girls and women could wear diamonds. But a girl who was not married received her own precious pebble from her engagement groom - it was an engagement ring.

It was still allowed to wear jewelry with diamonds after 17 hours, and for the morning and afternoon exit it was advised to wear sapphire, pearl jewelry, ruby ​​and turquoise. Young girls could only wear semi-precious stones.

Rules for wearing diamonds

Currently, such rules practically do not exist in our lives. We will consider those that are relevant for our time.

To work:

  • You can wear elegant jewelry with small diamonds or with diamond crumbs.
  • Do not wear large diamonds in earrings and rings.
  • At a business meeting, a bracelet with this stone will be superfluous.
  • A thin chain is adorned, adorned with a diamond pendant up to 1.5 cm. It combines very well with a half-open and open neckline.
  • You can wear earrings in the form of studs with small stones.
  • Do not wear massive diamond necklaces and elongated hanging earrings.
  • Brooches are not allowed at all. There is a true exception - a thin branch on the left side of the jacket (but chains are prohibited in this case).
  • It is undesirable to wear diamond jewelry that resembles the zodiac sign.
Purpose of wearing jewelry

Purpose and type of decoration:

  • A solid diamond necklace can only be worn in the evening, combining it with an elegant dress. The dress itself should look like this - open shoulders, a neckline or a half-decollete.
  • Large rounded pebbles on the rings are suitable only for established women.
  • Young and slender girls should give preference to bracelets with crushed diamonds and elongated hanging earrings that do not harmonize with a wide and massive neck. In general, it is advisable to choose earrings, given the hairstyle. A large diamond is perfect for a lush hair, medium and small stones - for a short haircut.
  • It is advisable to wear the bracelet on your left hand. The brooch is on the left side. It is better to wear a large brooch with a large stone for luxurious ladies, but for young ladies it is better to choose a more refined option that emphasizes the subtlety of nature.
  • Do not wear diamond jewelry on top of outerwear. You can fix it, for example, on a scarf or scarf.

Can I wear diamonds every day?

The most popular diamond accessory for men are watches. But you can also meet representatives of the stronger half, who prefer cufflinks and rings.

Fortunately, fashion has remained in the past when men wore gold chains with crosses, which were studded with diamonds. Of course, the men's jewelry set has become much smaller. Sometimes diamond bracelets appear, and they are very interesting.

Expensive decoration

There is no exact fashion in diamond jewelry for women and girls. For a long time, exhibitions have not been arranged where you can go, see jewelry and choose something interesting for yourself. Mostly, women's jewelry comes from famous films. Accordingly, new ideas and breakthroughs in jewelry are only in stagnation.

There is no such thing as a “decoration for every day." You can choose for yourself that diamond jewelry that you like best. But there is one main rule that you should follow - it is not recommended to wear a diamond jewelry daily. This is considered bad manners.

Diamonds in jewelry

For example, you come to the bank, and you are met by a girl administrator, on whose neck a diamond necklace sparkles. This is not entirely correct. After all, diamonds are considered evening stones. And they, as a rule, work perfectly with candles and special lighting. Wear such jewelry only for special occasions.

On which finger and on which hand should a man and woman wear a diamond ring and ring?

As a rule, a diamond ring is usually worn on ring finger left hand or right hand. But there are other quite important rules:

  • Diamond rings do not like "competitors", so you should never wear it with ordinary jewelry.
  • It is not recommended to wear another ring besides an engagement ring with a diamond on one finger. Even if it will also have a small diamond. Such a combination is considered unacceptable.
  • Diamond rings can also be worn on the middle finger or index finger. But it is undesirable to wear on the little finger or thumb. This rule must be observed by both women and men.
  • Of course, there are exceptions. Men who love signet rings can easily wear this jewelry on their left hands, on their little fingers.
Better worn on the ring finger.

Photo of male and female engagement rings and rings with diamonds in white and yellow gold

Currently, a very large variety of wedding rings are being produced. But special attention is given to the diamond rings made of white and yellow gold:

  • Rings made in the form of a crown look very beautiful. They come with a large number of stones, can be made manually.
Wedding rings
  • Lovers of the classics will definitely like the rings of white and yellow gold, decorated with engraving or small stones.
Engraved rings
  • Vintage rings look majestic and very chic.
Vintage rings
  • The ring made in the "modern" style also looks quite interesting on the ring finger. Such an ornament can only be made of yellow or white gold, or simultaneously of two. But always with a diamond.
Art Nouveau style

What is the best way to wear diamonds: in a ring or in a pendant?

No one gives a definite answer to this question. Someone prefer diamond rings, and someone prefers pendants. If you do not know what to choose, and what is best worn, then purchase both options.

Pendant with diamond:

  • Of course, when choosing this jewelry, consider only your own preferences. But do not rely solely on these feelings. If you are not particularly versed in such jewelry, then it is advisable for you to choose with a professional consultant.
  • For daily wear, select a small diamond pendant. The length of the chain will depend on what cutout your clothes will have. Such decoration goes well with a light-colored pencil skirt, airy blouse, and small pusetas. This combination looks quite formal and feminine.
  • You can also wear a diamond pendant with a V-neck. A great option is a jumpsuit made of drop-down black material.
Pendants with diamonds

A ring with a diamond:

  • Choosing a diamond ring, you can also consider your desires. The only thing you should remember about is what you will wear your chosen ring with.
  • The ring goes well with a classic suit, a plain and not bright blouse, a simple black dress. Such clothes will be able to emphasize the elegance of the stone and at the same time make people around you marvel at the beauty of your overall image.
Pendant with diamond

Perplexed? Then you better choose diamond sets consisting of a ring, bracelet, earrings and a small pendant. If you are married, then a ring will suit you, if you are still looking for a soulmate, then a pendant.

Photo of pendants and pendants with a diamond in white and yellow gold

Any representative of the beautiful half wants to become the owner of a pendant or pendant in white or yellow gold, and always with a diamond. If you belong to this category, you are sure to choose something for yourself, because currently a huge assortment of these jewelry is sold in stores.

  • Pendants and pendants made of yellow and white gold with stones of various shapes: in the form of a heart, a flower, round pendants and pendants and so on.
Pendant with diamonds Flower of diamonds
  • With large, small, medium stones, with diamond chips, with a scattering of small stones.
A heart Ball of stones Diamond decoration
  • Pendants and pendants combining with other precious stones, for example, with sapphire, citrine, topaz, emerald and so on.
Decoration diamonds with other stones Pendant with diamonds and emeralds

How many diamonds can you wear at once?

Many women, perhaps you, will be interested in such an interesting question - "How many diamond jewelry are allowed to be worn at the same time?". There are several options that we want to offer you:

  • Diamond rings with a bracelet.
  • Earrings with a pendant.
  • Earrings with a necklace.
  • Earrings with a ring and a brooch.
Set with diamonds Jewelery with Diamonds Jewelry with diamonds and other stones Flower decoration

The following rules will also help you in wearing diamonds:

  • Allows a pair, or three diamond accessories.
  • Large jewelry with diamonds is preferably not combined with other jewelry at all.
  • Try to choose the right jewelry according to style and form.

Photo of earrings made of diamonds in white and yellow gold

What woman doesn't like earrings? Not a single one. And if they are made of white and yellow gold, and even have diamonds - this is generally considered the most beloved jewelry of the beautiful half. Currently, you can easily buy these types of diamond earrings:

  • Studs are earrings in the form of carnations. They can have a variety of decorating elements.
Diamond Earrings
  • Earrings with a lock-bracket - earrings with ornaments and patterns look very nice.
  • Earrings with a pin lock are very beautiful jewelry, but they must be worn carefully.
Earrings with a clasp
  • Track earrings are a classic option that can be worn at a gala event or every day.
Track Earrings
  • Earrings in the form of rings - these earrings are considered the very first jewelry for the ears.
Hoop earrings
  • Dangling earrings - an elongated version. May be solid or have pendants. It goes well with evening and cocktail attire.
Elongated earrings

Are diamonds accepted at the pawnshop?

Diamond jewelry, of course, is accepted in almost every pawnshop. After all, as a rule, in such institutions there are professional appraisers who can distinguish a precious pebble from a fake. There are truth to such pawnshops where diamond jewelry is not evaluated at all.

Diamonds taken at a pawnshop

We suggest you study some points of how to hand over diamond jewelry correctly and what nuances you should take into account:

  • If the amount that you will be offered for decoration will be very small, then it is advisable for you to contact another pawnshop. But you also have the right to ask another specialist to rate the diamond.
  • If you decide to hand over an expensive diamond jewelry, then you need to clarify in advance whether the institution you have chosen can accept such an expensive jewelry. After all, the necessary financial resources are not always present in the pawnshop.
  • In the event that you still doubt, then it is advisable for you to contact the pawnshop that works with a jewelry store or is its subsidiary organization.

Photo of a necklace, necklaces with diamonds in white and yellow gold

Diamond necklaces and necklaces are the real dream of any woman who appreciates gloss and beauty. Currently, jewelers come up with a variety of works of art in which they combine diamonds. So, we will consider with you the most popular diamond necklaces and necklaces, which are made of yellow and white gold.

  • Yellow and white gold diamond necklaces - this option is considered the most common. They can have a floral or abstract theme. A necklace made with geometric patterns and figures looks strictly. It can be worn at a formal event.
Diamond necklace
  • Yellow and white gold diamond necklace with sapphire. Such jewelry is best suited for a blue or white outfit.
White outfit necklace with sapphires
  • Yellow and white gold diamond necklace with emerald. This necklace looks perfect if it has one large stone or several small ones.
Emerald and Diamond Necklace
  • Yellow and white gold diamond necklace with pearls. This jewelry is considered the most aristocratic.
Pearl necklace with diamonds

Can unmarried girls wear diamonds?

Many argue that unmarried girls cannot wear diamond jewelry. This statement is not entirely correct. Just an unmarried girl, according to European etiquette, is not allowed to wear a diamond ring and those jewelry in which there are a lot of diamonds.

It is allowed to wear a small pendant or pendant, because this is normal. And all because the diamond ring is considered a symbol of engagement. And that representative who already has a diamond ring on her finger shows that she will be married in the near future.

Photo of bracelets and watches for men and women with diamonds

Bracelets and watches with diamonds are an ideal decoration for both women and men. If you think that these jewelry are considered ordinary things, then you are deeply mistaken. Manufacturers have long realized that women are more sensitive to such jewelry. Since bracelets and watches are able to emphasize the individuality of a lady, as well as her status in society and style.

Men's Watch Accessory with diamonds Stylish watch with diamonds Accessory for women Stylish watches for men Delicate and expensive jewelry for women Bracelet with black and white diamonds Delicate decoration Diamond bracelet for women Decoration for men

Diamond watches can be made of yellow gold, white gold, silver, titanium. They always look stylish and elegant. Often, young boys and girls are interested in such jewelry. Bracelets can be made of various shapes and designs: wide, narrow, with large and small stones, and so on.

Can I wear other people's diamonds?

Diamonds that previously belonged to someone are called, as a rule, energy surprises. The gemstone has its own biofield, so it can also be supplemented with the energy of the previous owner.What will be the impact of the merger of such biofields, no one knows. Accordingly, before you are planning to wear such a decoration, be sure to clean the stone.

Stones have a strong energy

The diamond that you inherit, for example, from your grandmother, is considered a very powerful talisman. This stone has powerful defenses than the diamond that you buy yourself. But this is only if you will get the decoration after the death of a loved one. Another thing is if a diamond is presented to you by relatives in life. Such a stone does not carry negative energy.

Photo brooches with diamonds

A brooch with diamonds is an exquisite and multifunctional jewelry. Such brooches can carry a decorative function. They perfectly emphasize the individuality of style.

They can decorate the collars of blouses, the edges of scarves and shawls, wraps, blouses and so on. A brooch is an accessory designed for those women who want to add completeness and elegance to their own image.

A variety of brooches is simply mesmerizing. Currently, you can choose a brooch in any jewelry salon at your discretion: in form, style, and manner of execution. Jewelers boldly conduct experiments with both materials and styles. There are three types of brooches by type of attachment:

  • Brooch pins. They are considered mega-popular. Such an ornament can have a flower or a small bouquet. It can be easily attached to a light scarf, purse, jacket collar or cloak.
  • Hairpin brooches. Such jewelry can be used in order to decorate not only clothes, but also a hairstyle.
  • Needle brooches. These brooches are attached to clothes with a special needle. Differ from two other types in ease and the refined beauty. Ideal for decorating a coat or hat.
Brooch with jewelry Decoration with stones Beautiful brooch Expensive decoration Flower decoration

Diamond brooches - a classic option that is suitable for aristocratic natures and true connoisseurs of precious jewelry. Such brooches do not harmonize with a knitted sweater and sportswear, as well as with a dress with variegated patterns.

Should I wear a diamond found?

A diamond can get to a person in a variety of ways. But is it allowed to wear the found stone? Maybe he can bring trouble with him? The new owner of the jewelry will not even know that his ring or bracelet previously belonged to another person.

Why do you need to know the history of the product? And all because the product has the ability to preserve and accumulate the energy of the previous owner.

As a rule, most of the diamond products are made of pure gold. This precious metal can store the energy information that it receives from a person. If you wear this jewelry close to the skin, it will share the energy that has accumulated.

Do not wear jewelry found

If you find a diamond, then you should know - this jewelry can carry a very big danger. You do not know his past, who wore it before, what difficulties the stone went through, why it was the last owner who lost it. Often, rituals are magically induced on diamonds, for example, conspiracy, corruption.

Also a harmless diamond ring can be a repository of diseases and various adversities. Therefore, if you find a diamond, try to get rid of it as soon as possible.

The largest diamond in the world: photo, description

The largest diamond known today is Cullinan. It weighs a little more than 621 g. When it was removed, they realized that this stone is part of a larger mineral. But, unfortunately, they could not be found. In England, one jeweler made a stone cut. As a result, several large diamonds were obtained, and almost 100 small ones.


The largest modern diamond is "The Great Star of Africa." Its weight is just over 530 carats. He adorns the scepter of Britain.

Great Star of Africa

But it was replaced by an even larger mineral Golden Anniversaryfound in 1980. For a long period of time this stone was not noticed, therefore it was given to Gabriel Tolkowski, who masterfully crafted it. Now this gem adorns the Thai crown.

Golden anniversary

The most beautiful and expensive diamonds in the world: photo, description

The most expensive and beautiful diamond in the whole world is considered a stone called "Pink Star". This is a large diamond in a pink hue, whose weight is almost 60 carats. It was sold at an auction in 2013 for almost 83 million dollars, thereby breaking all records for diamond prices. But a little later, information appeared that the buyer was not able to pay for this piece of jewelry; accordingly, Sotheby's bought it for $ 72,000,000.

"Pink Star"

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