Useful Household Tips: Top 25 Tips

To keep everything in place and sparkling in your home, take advantage of our housekeeping tips.

Housekeeping is a very multifaceted concept, which includes everything that our everyday life consists of, from recipes to caring for pets. Today we will reveal to you some of these secrets of a real hostess.

Useful Housekeeping Tips

Each of the hostesses knows many rules that should be followed daily, but in the same way each has its own little secret.

  1. Shoes are tight

No problem! If the shoes are leather, they are easy enough to carry. To do this, put on socks, shoes on them, and then blow a hairdryer on shoes, especially carefully in those areas where you feel tightness for your legs.

Increase shoes
  1. Green ring footprint

If the ring is not made of precious metal, but of alloy, it can leave a green mark on the finger. If the ring is dear to you, and you want to wear it further - just apply colorless varnish on the inside of the jewelry.

  1. Spools on clothes

To get rid of these ugly, not very aesthetic lumps of wool, giving things an untidy appearance, you need to use the most ordinary pumice stone.

  1. Few hangers

Your wardrobe cannot accommodate all coats and fur coats? No problem. Take the hooks on which towels are usually hung in the bathroom, and fasten them to the inner wall. Now you can hang bags, reticules on them, making room for other things.

  1. Red wine - white

If there are both types of wine on the table, it’s okay if you spill red on yourself. Do not get lost and do not waste time, but immediately take white wine and pour it over the place where the red wine fell. With such "double watering", your clothes will then be easier to wash off.

  1. Magnetic Cosmetic Bag: Home Economics Tips

If you have a magnetic board - try placing your cosmetic and make-up accessories on it. You will see how unusual and attractive it looks.

  1. Deodorant stains?

Get rid of them with antistatic or ordinary tights.

  1. Too many keys in a bunch

And besides, some of them are similar to each other - how to find the one that comes to this door? To do this quickly, simply paint each of the keys in a specific color and the problem is solved.

Paint the keys
  1. Pack your suitcase?

Do not forget, sending shoes into it, pack it in a hat in which you take a shower. Then your shoes will not stain other things. You can, of course, use a regular cellophane bag.

  1. Lose the little things?

Especially like tweezers or hairpins? A great place to store them is a magnetic board. Send all the pins with needles there.

Magnetic tape
  1. Things don’t fit in the closet: housekeeping tips

Then you urgently need to get rid of what you no longer put on. For a while, hang everything you wear on one side of the cabinet. So you determine that it is not used from clothes at all, which means that it is time to part with these things.

  1. Jewelry around the house

To prevent such a mess from causing you trouble, use trays designed to store cutlery to store it. You will definitely not forget where it lies.

  1. We build shoes

To shoes and boots stood under the ruler and not warp, make it a rule to put a folded newspaper in each pair. You can also use elements of sticks designed for water aerobics.

So that the shoes do not deform
  1. What to do with muffler and tights?

Yes, just tie them on hangers. And they won’t take up space on the shelves, and are always at hand.

On the spot
  1. Shoes with a smell?

This sometimes happens - the shoes start to smell unpleasant. To get rid of this, just put a small amount of baking soda into it.

  1. Sort clothes

Never put clean things next to those that have already been worn - so you will avoid the appearance of an unnecessary smell. Lay out all the "little things" like linen or socks on different shelves - in this case, you will quickly find the necessary.

  1. Kitchen painting

So that you are not going to paint in your kitchen, you need to start by thoroughly cleaning the surface. Wipe it thoroughly with a dishwashing detergent, wait until it dries, then start painting.

  1. Limescale has appeared?

This is a common problem with bathrooms. Dilute ordinary vinegar with water in half and wipe the deposits.

We clean from plaque
  1. Bad smell from clothes

Dilute vodka with water in a ratio of 1: 5 and spray this mixture from the spray bottle onto a dress or sweater. Dry necessarily on the street. The same solution can be "saved" and shoes.

  1. Glue stains

As a rule, PVA is quite simply washed. Rubber is removed with gasoline, and carpentry is removed with a long (5-6 hour) soaking in warm or cold water (not hot!).

  1. To make your cutlery glitter: home improvement tips

Cover the bottom of the pan with foil, add two tablespoons of salt and soda, put your fork spoons in it and add boiling water. Boil for about 15 minutes. This procedure removes dirt even from the knurled knobs of the cutlery.

  1. Clean Crystal

Dilute the salt and vinegar (one or two tablespoons) in a liter of water, hold the dishes in this solution for several minutes and wash with any dishwashing detergent. Rinse and wipe. Your glasses and vases are as good as new!

  1. The stove will be clean: housekeeping tips

To do this, dilute soda in water to obtain a paste consistency. Coat the oven with this compound and leave it overnight. In the morning, wipe the walls of the oven with a wet rag, and then spray vinegar from the spray bottle. Wipe the walls thoroughly, and leave the rag in the oven, turning it on a low temperature for several minutes. Then also process the glass.

  1. Does the iron leave a tan?

Do not panic, but try to mix hydrogen peroxide with ammonia and moisten a burned spot with this tool. Dry in the open sun. Treat white cotton linen with bleach, taking about 5 g per 200 ml of water, then rinse.

  1. We fight with the fungus

Before buying expensive industrial fungus control products, try to cope with it with vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, soda, or any cleaning products that contain chlorine in your home. For several days, thoroughly wet with any of the above funds surfaces affected by mold and wash off after 30 minutes, wiping to dryness.

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