How and with what to remove plasticine from white and colored clothes, jeans, a shirt, fabric, sofa, carpet?

Ways to wash plasticine from white, colored clothes and carpets.

Many children simply adore clay modeling. With its help, very nice masterpieces, various children's crafts are created. But very often, after sculpting, marks remain on the clothes. This upsets moms.

How and with what to remove plasticine from white clothes, shirts, fabrics?

Indeed, such spots are quite difficult to get out of clothing. But still there is an opportunity to put things in order. For this, it is not necessary to use modern stain removers. You can resort to some funds that are in the locker of every housewife.

Withdrawal options:

  • It should be understood that plasticine is made on the basis of wax and paraffin. Accordingly, the higher the temperature, the more viscous is clay. When the temperature drops, the clay becomes very hard and may resemble a piece of stone. For this to happen, you need to lower the temperature.
  • To remove plasticine, try freezing a stain. To do this, you can use pieces of ice or frozen foods. They must be put on both sides of the stain. But the easiest option is to put things in a plastic bag and load them into the freezer.
  • After such manipulations, you need to try to remove the clay. Very often it falls off without the use of additional influences. If, nevertheless, the plasticine does not want to break off and fall off the thing, use the blunt side of the knife.
  • After such actions, a greasy stain may remain on the clothing. It can be removed by heating. To do this, take an ironing board, put several white napkins on it. Put white napkins on top of the stain too. Turn on the iron with a little heat. Optimal is the use of the Silk mode. Stroke the wipes from the wrong side and the front side several times. You will see that over time there will be no stain on the napkins.

At this point, clothes can be immersed in the washing machine and washed at the highest temperature allowed for this fabric.

Plasticine molding

How and with what to remove plasticine from colored clothes, shirts, fabrics?

It is much easier to remove a stain from white clothes than from a colored one. This is especially true for cotton items. To remove plasticine, mistresses often use ammonia or hydrogen peroxide. These solutions are applied to a cotton pad and wipe the dirt until there is no trace of it.

You will have to tinker with colored clothes, since ammonia and hydrogen peroxide cannot be used. This can cause stains that do not appear or lighten the fabric. For colored clothing, it is best to use a modern stain remover. Mistresses praise Antipyatin Ace oxi Action, as well as Vanish.

Plasticine stains

How and how to remove plasticine from jeans?

Jeans are a fairly dense fabric that is well washed off from all kinds of pollution. They are not afraid of heat and freezing. They also perceive mechanical cleaning well.


  • A stain from jeans can be removed using ordinary baking soda.
  • To do this, you need to mix two teaspoons of water with two teaspoons of soda
  • Apply the resulting paste to the jeans on the front and back side
  • After that, leave a stain for 30 minutes, then rub the cloth with a regular clothes brush
  • Wash jeans in the washing machine.

How and how to remove the plasticine stain from the sofa?

Removing plasticine from the sofa is quite difficult, because on the reverse side you can not put napkins and the stain can simply blur and become even larger. Therefore, in this case, the best option is to use the cold.


  • Take a piece of ice and apply to the contamination. You can use pieces of frozen meat or a cold accumulator.
  • After the plasticine freezes and becomes hard, remove it using a cloth.
  • Next, you need to start removing the oily stain. Use Vanish for washing carpets and upholstery. A dishwashing detergent also removes greasy stains.
  • If the upholstery is made of a dense light fabric, you can use hydrogen peroxide or ammonia.
  • We recommend that you test these fluids on the back of the sofa, where spots will not be visible. This is due to the fact that these fluids can help lighten tissue.
Stain on the couch

How and how to remove the plasticine stain from the carpet?

The most difficult thing is to remove clay from a long-pile carpet. The fact is that you can not heat such pollution. After all, clay will be absorbed into the deeper layers of the fabric and then cleaning the carpet is even more difficult.

Cleaning Methods:

  • The best option is mechanical cleaning or freezing. You need to remove the top layer of plasticine with a knife or nail file. It will also be useful to freeze the substance and scrape it off with the blunt side of the knife. After this, you can proceed to remove the oily stain.
  • Use a purified solvent for these purposes. It can be a nail polish remover, White Spirit, refined gasoline or kerosene. Apply a little thinner to a cotton swab and rub the dirt. No need to rub it from side to side. The best option is to move from the edges to the center.
  • After this, you may have a slight greasy stain. Although most often there are no traces left. If you still notice a greasy stain, it can be removed with Fairy or Gala dishwashing liquid. You can also use Vanish carpet cleaner.
Remove plasticine stain from carpet

All of these methods are quite effective. If you start removing plasticine immediately, you have every chance of dealing with pollution. If none of the methods helped, we advise you to contact dry cleaning.

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