How and how to wash stain-free windows at home: recipes. How to wash glass windows to a perfect shine without stains folk remedies and from the store? How to buy a rag, napkin in the Aliexpress online store for washing windows without streaks?

Instructions for washing windows without stains by folk methods and special means.

Now cleaning companies are very popular. They are famous for the impeccable quality of the services provided. Service workers in the shortest possible time will clean any surface from obsolete dirt. Often they are tasked with washing the windows.

Why are there stains on the windows after washing?

There are many reasons why cloudy spots and plaque after washing are observed on the glass. Even if you do everything right, then divorces are possible. This is for reasons that may not be up to you.

Causes of clouding of glass:

  • Very hot and windy weather. Due to direct sunlight, the moisture evaporates very quickly, which is the reason for the stains. It is because of the high evaporation rate of moisture that you should not wash windows in windy weather.
  • Wrong cleaning agents. That is, substances with abrasive particles often scratch the glass, which becomes the reason for clouding.
  • Wrong technique. All dust must be removed initially. That is, carry out cleaning in several stages. Only after removing the dust layer, the surface is washed using special means.
Stains on the windows

How to wash plastic windows without stains with folk remedies: recipe

There are many folk remedies for cleaning glass. The operation algorithm is approximately the same with the use of all substances. The solution is prepared and a sponge is dipped into it. After that, the surface is cleaned with a wet sponge. Further, the solution is washed off with water. Residual moisture is removed with a rubber scraper.

Overview and folk remedies:

  • Dissolve 5 tablespoons of starch or chopped chalk in 3000 ml of water.
  • In 2.5 l of water, add 4 tablespoons of laundry soap shavings
  • 120 g of lime are dissolved in 3 l of water
  • 3 tablespoons of tooth powder are injected into 2500 ml of water and stirred
Window cleaning folk ways

How to wash plastic windows with vinegar: recipe

Vinegar is a 9 or 6% acid solution that successfully dissolves all fat and stains from glass surfaces.


  • Pour 240 ml of water and 55 ml of ordinary vinegar into a saucepan. Add 5 ml dishwashing detergent and mix
  • Pour the solution into the spray bottle and shake. Remove dust with a dry towel or brush it off.
  • Now use the spray gun to apply the product on the glass. Next, use a soft cloth in a circular motion to clean the surface.
  • Then use a rubber scraper. It is necessary to carry out processing from top to bottom, as if removing the remainder of the solution
Window washing with vinegar solution

How to wash plastic windows with ammonia: recipe

Ammonia is often injected into professional products. It helps to remove even old dirt.


  • Dissolve 5 ml of ammonia in 5000 ml of warm water
  • Then use a dry cloth to remove dust and dirt from the glass.
  • Wash profiles and window sill with plain warm soapy water
  • Then proceed to cleaning the glass. To do this, immerse a sponge in a solution of ammonia
  • Wipe the windows in a circular direction.
  • Next, with dry paper towels, remove any residual moisture from top to bottom.
Window washing with ammonia

How to wash plastic windows with a newspaper: recipe

A newspaper, still used by our grandmothers to clean windows. The main advantage of the newspaper is that it almost leaves no stains.


  • Using a dry brush, sweep away dust from windows and window frames.
  • After that, dampen the cloth in water and rinse the frames, if necessary use dishwashing liquid
  • Next, dampen the sponge in a window cleaner or in one of the solutions specified in the paragraph on common methods
  • Wipe the surface with a damp sponge
  • After that, take a newspaper and crumple it, dry the glass in circular motions
  • After that, take a blank newspaper and wipe the window from top to bottom
Newspaper for washing windows

How to wash windows without streaks means from the store?

In professional window cleaning products, alcohol, ammonia and blue are specially introduced. All these additives allow you to achieve good results with minimal effort. It is necessary to wash the frames with soap and water, and dust from the glasses. After that, the product is applied from the spray gun and wiped with a paper towel.

Tools Overview:

  • Mister Muscle. There are many options that can quickly cope even with very dirty glasses. There are both foaming substances and liquid with liquid ammonia.
  • Clean The product is sold in spray bottles. Composed of alcohol and dyes. Also organic solvents to help remove dirt.
  • Sarma. The product contains ammonia and detergents. It copes with greasy spots and traces of insects.
Window Cleaners

To wipe, wipe, wash windows with a rag, napkin, so that there are no stains?

First you need to choose the right fabric. Microfiber and wipes with a minimum amount of pile are perfect. Now on sale you can find special rags for washing windows.

Features of window cleaning napkins:

  • The packaging usually sells 2 napkins. They differ in weaving.
  • It is necessary to moisten a microfiber cloth in plain water and wash off all dirt and debris
  • The peculiarity of the fabric is that it absorbs all debris and dirt.
  • It copes with stains and traces of insects
  • After this, a second napkin is taken, it is characterized by a high content of terry
  • This glass cloth is wiped dry
  • Sponges for washing glasses are also on sale, they also collect garbage and dust well
Napkin for washing windows

How to buy a rag, a napkin on Aliexpress for washing windows without stains: catalog links

In household chemical stores, such napkins are expensive. This is due to the fact that goods are brought from abroad. Accordingly, you can save by using the Aliexpress website. Here is a huge selection of napkins and glass cleaning brushes.

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Napkin for washing windows and mirrors with Aliexpress

How to properly and quickly wash windows without streaks in winter?

In winter, windows are rarely washed. Most often, warming awaits. Do not wash windows in severe frost. So, all the liquid you apply will freeze.


  • Dissolve the salt in water. It is necessary to prepare a warm solution in which 500 ml of water and 50 g of salt
  • This liquid can wipe the glass outside. It helps to defrost ice
  • Next, apply a special liquid. It can be purchased at a chemistry store for cars.
  • After that, quickly wipe it off with a microfiber sponge
  • Start cleaning from the inside
  • To do this, prepare a solution of 10 parts of alcohol and 1 part of glycerin
  • With this solution, rub the inner surface and polish to a shine with a microfiber sponge
Window washing in winter

Cleaning windows is easy enough. Stock up on glass sponges and special cleaning solutions.

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