Iceberg salad growing in the country from seeds. Iceberg salad: benefits and harms to the body, glycemic index, calorie content, composition

All about Iceberg Salad: useful properties and how to grow Iceberg Salad from seeds on your own.

Iceberg lettuce - delicious small head of cabbage with a green crispy leaf plate. Useful, low-calorie salad leaves are recommended by nutritionists for a healthy diet and weight loss. Why is this "green vitamin" so good? How to grow it in your garden?

What is an iceberg salad, what does it look like?

Iceberg salad is also known as Ice. The origin of this delicious garden vegetable, we owe to the Americans from the state of California. In the 20s of the XX century, local breeders brought an unusually tasty and fragrant salad, headed in a head of cabbage with delicate crispy leaves.

Iceberg salad looks like white cabbage

Salad quickly gained popularity among the population. For the best transportation and storage of salad heads, an original method was invented: wrapping salad in pieces of ice. After that, the beautiful name of the vegetable arose - Iceberg salad or "ice mountain".

Externally, the vegetable crop resembles the elastic forks of white cabbage. Proper agricultural technology and care allow you to grow heads of lettuce weighing 200-700 g or more. The light green, juicy leaves are fragrant and crunch when bitten.

Ice salad is good for the body

Iceberg salad: benefits and harms, composition

  • Iceberg lettuce is a leader among all types of vegetable head salads in the content of vitamins, minerals and fiber
  • The leaves are rich in ascorbic acid, which supports our immunity and vascular elasticity.
  • Vitamin K, contained in the cabbage lettuce, is involved in blood coagulation processes
  • Vitamin A has a positive effect on vision, skin and hair
  • A large amount of potassium (141 mg per 100 g of lettuce) - useful for the work of the heart muscle
  • A huge amount of fiber contributes to the good functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, the adsorption of toxins and toxins, and the enhancement of metabolism.
  • Salad leaves contain a lot of water. The vegetable is completely cholesterol-free and suitable for diet with all types of obesity.
  • Iceberg salad is rich in folic acid, necessary for blood formation, increase hemoglobin, as well as to normalize the functioning of the nervous system
  • Lactucin is a useful component of the milky salad juice, which gives it a spicy bitterness. The substance is very necessary for the work of the gastrointestinal tract and nervous system. Lactucin normalizes sleep, has a beneficial effect on the heart, reduces blood pressure, supports vascular tone

IMPORTANT: Ice salad is useful for pregnant and lactating women. Children can use the "green vitamin" from 2 years. Salad leaves are also useful for elderly people suffering from cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, gastrointestinal problems.

A small percentage of people have an individual intolerance to Ice lettuce. This fact should be noted by pregnant and breast-feeding women. Caution is necessary to introduce salad into the children's diet.

Useful properties of lettuce Iceberg, video

Green smoothie with ice salad

Iceberg Salad: Glycemic Index

Ice salad is a product with a low glycemic index, which means it is useful for maintaining a slim figure. Low glycemic index does not provoke "jumps" of glucose after eating.

We offer a recipe for green health cocktail with iceberg lettucewhich can replace cereal for breakfast. The products that make up the drink have a low glycemic index, which means glucose will be released more slowly, the body will receive an adequate supply of energy for a long time in the absence of a feeling of hunger.

  1. Soak 3-4 fruits of dried apricots in warm water in the evening
  2. In a blender place a sheet of Ice lettuce, peeled and chopped kiwi fruit, apple slices, a teaspoon of flaxseed, dried apricots with liquid, a little purified water or milk
  3. Beat products until smooth. Add water or milk if necessary. Whisk again
Garden beds

Iceberg salad: growing from seeds in the country

  • In the summer cottage, Ice lettuce can be grown by sowing seeds directly into the soil and seedlings. Winter sowing of lettuce seeds is well established.
  • In the autumn, they dig the beds on the bayonet of a shovel and add organic matter. For beds choose sunny places. The salad grows well in high beds, where the earth warms up faster in the spring and a friendly sprout of seeds occurs
  • For sowing, neutral or alkaline soils are used. The acidification of the land cover is neutralized by the introduction of dolomite flour, limestone, slaked lime, chalk, peat or ash into the soil
  • To plant an Iceberg in the winter, you should fertilize the allocated area in the ratio: a compost bucket for 1 kg of wood ash and three tablespoons of full mineral complex fertilizer per 1 square meter of beds. Before winter, lettuce should be sown more densely, given that not all of them can sprout. The bed should be covered with fallen leaves or peat
Growing lettuce in a greenhouse

The technology of growing iceberg lettuce in greenhouses

  • Growing ice lettuce in greenhouses is a way to ensure the uninterrupted production of fresh vitamin products all year round. Maintaining the right seed planting technology, optimal temperature and watering conditions ensure the timely collection of high-quality lettuce
  • For sowing, it is better to use coated seeds. This coating protects the seeds from various diseases, they are easier to plant due to their size, they have good germination
  • It is best to grow seeds in pressed peat bricks. For this, one lettuce seed is spread on a moistened peat surface. However, they are not sprinkled with an earthen mixture
Seedling containers for seedlings
  • You can sow seeds in special containers with cells, small pots or boxes with a fertile light earth mixture. Using a stick or ruler, they make shallow indentations in the form of straight lines and spread the seeds in them. Lightly watered
  • For seed germination, the temperature in the greenhouse is not higher than 18 degrees. Usually after two days, shoots of lettuce appear. Further seedling cultivation should be carried out at a temperature of 15-25 degrees until the appearance of the first 3-4 of these leaves

When to plant iceberg lettuce for seedlings?

Growing lettuce varieties for seedlings, followed by planting in open ground is a reliable way to obtain high-quality products. Iceberg lettuce is a cold-resistant plant, so it can be sown for seedlings in early spring, but when the threat of severe frost passes. By the time of planting, the air temperature in the greenhouse should not fall below 4 degrees.

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Iceberg lettuce cultivation in the open ground

Growing lettuce is not particularly difficult even for a novice gardener. The main techniques of agricultural technology for growing heads of iceberg are:

  • loosening
  • sufficient watering
  • soil mulching after irrigation
  • discharge density

Iceberg lettuce can be grown in open ground using seeds or seedlings grown in advance seedlings.

Outdoor salad
  • It is possible to sow seeds in open ground in early spring, when the snow is melting and the ground begins to warm up with sunbeams. Rows for sowing seeds are made on a ridge prepared since winter, according to the scheme: 30x20 or 30x30 with good quality seeds for sowing. Seeds close up to a depth of no more than 1cm
  • It is possible to sow seeds more densely, followed by leveling the density of crops by planting individual plant specimens
  • For better soil warming and faster seed germination, the sown bed is covered with a film. It must be removed periodically for ventilation. When the temperature reaches 15-17 degrees, the film can be removed

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Grown lettuce seedlings

How to plant iceberg lettuce seedlings in the ground?

  • Iceberg lettuce loves a light, fertile kidney with good aeration. Planting seedlings in open ground can be done in early spring, when frost has passed and a positive temperature of 3-5 degrees is established
  • Seedlings are planted at a distance of 30-40 cm in the row of the beds and at a distance of 30-40 cm between the planting strips. The plant grows very much and it needs enough space to form a rosette of leaves and tie heads
  • A cube with seedlings is planted on a permanent place in loose earth, deepening the plant by a maximum of 2/3 plants. Seedlings should not be buried heavily in the soil, falling asleep growth point. The plant is squeezed on all sides and watered with water. Then mulch with dry grass to maintain a moist coma for a long time
  • To obtain elastic heads of lettuce, the temperature regime must be observed. Daytime temperatures above 30 degrees and nighttime temperatures above 18 degrees make it difficult to set a head
  • In the early stages of planting seedlings in the soil, young plants should be covered with agrofibre for 3-4 weeks until favorable and stable weather conditions are established. You can water seedlings on agrofibre
  • To ventilate seedlings, loosen the soil and remove weeds, periodically remove the film for a while
Light green landscape of the site

Little Tricks for Growing Iceberg Lettuce

  • Seeds for sowing must be of high quality. Do not buy seed in natural markets, but rather - in specialized stores or centers for the cultivation of vegetables and vegetables
  • It is not recommended to plant the salad in the same place the next year in the greenhouse and in the beds, as well as in places where cruciferous plants were grown: cabbage, radish, radish, etc. The crop rotation should be maintained with an interval of at least 2 years
  • Good predecessors of Iceberg salad are: cereals, onions, celery, legumes, potatoes
  • The density of planting seeds affects the presentation of the salad. With a thickened planting, you should plant the plants in the phase of the first leaf at a distance of 20-30 cm from each other
  • In early spring and autumn, lettuce seeds should be sown in sunny beds, and during summer sowing - it is recommended to shade the sown areas in order to avoid the early appearance of a flower arrow
  • Harvesting iceberg lettuce with proper agricultural technology can be harvested all year round: from early spring to autumn, if seeds are planted at intervals of once every two weeks. In summer on hot days it is recommended to grow salad under agrofiber
  • If you plant several types of salads with colorful leaves on the garden, you can not only enrich your table with fresh vitamin products, but also decorate the landscape of the summer cottage
Properly Grown Iceberg Salad

IMPORTANT: In order for dense heads of cabbage to form on the iceberg, adequate watering of the plants is necessary. The soil under the lettuce should not dry out. Wet earthen lump and air temperature not exceeding 25 degrees contribute to the tying of elastic and dense heads of cabbage.

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Salad at home

How to grow an iceberg lettuce on a windowsill?

On the windowsill in high-rise buildings, it’s difficult to grow full-blown iceberg lettuce. This culture requires special growing conditions: maintaining the correct temperature and light conditions, which are difficult to withstand at home.

You can plant seeds in boxes with fertile soil and grow a salad in the form of a rosette of lush green leaves. Although the salad will differ in appearance from the photo in the picture of a bag of seeds, beneficial substances will be present in delicate leaf plates. Your diet will be enriched with the first green vitamins.

Ice lettuce can be stored in the refrigerator for a long time

How to store iceberg salad?

  • Salad - vegetable products of quick use, but under certain circumstances, you can keep salad heads in the refrigerator for up to 7 days
  • The salad is of good quality: it can be stored for a long time in a cool place. Lettuce gobies are not afraid of the cold temperature and can maintain a fresh taste and crisp structure in the refrigerator for a long time
  • For storage, fresh and elastic heads of cabbage are chosen without sagging leaves that do not have traces of spoilage and rot. Heads of lettuce are laid in plastic containers and covered with a lid

Iceberg salad: calories per 100 grams

  • Iceberg Salad is an ideal vegetable for diet food. 100 g of lettuce leaves contain only 14 kcal. It is no wonder that nutritionists of all popular diets persistently offer this salad for nutrition of losing weight.
  • Dishes with Ice lettuce and its crispy leaflets are perfect for fasting days, as well as for sandwiches with whole grains for light snacks
Ice salad appetizer

What to make from iceberg lettuce?

Iceberg salad is not subject to heat treatment due to the loss of vitamin value. It should be consumed fresh, like monosalad with vegetable oil and lemon juice, or mixed with other leafy salads and vegetables.

Ice salad can be garnished with fish, meat, seafood. Elastic leaves with a beautiful curving edge allow you to use them as bowls for salads that look beautiful and harmoniously combine with all salad dishes.

We offer a simple recipe for making Iceberg salad with a minimum investment of time.

  1. Slice the ice lettuce in small pieces
  2. Tomato, cucumber, bell pepper cut into slices
  3. Put chopped vegetables on lettuce leaves. Drizzle with lemon juice, season with olive oil and soy sauce
  4. Sprinkle salad with sesame seeds

More about recipes for the most delicious snacks is described in the article on cooking dishes with Iceberg salad.

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