Rites at home for a good, happy life. How to use rite to bring health, luck, money, marriage into your life?

Variants of ceremonies at home and recommendations for their conduct.

So the person is arranged that even becoming an adult he does not cease to believe in miracles. Therefore, sometimes he suddenly tries to solve problems that are not entirely standard methods. As a rule, such people with the most minimal troubles resort to ritual magic.

The most interesting thing is that in most cases it helps them. Their belief that certain words or actions can get rid of problems really contribute to the fact that they quickly get out of a difficult situation.

Absolutely every person is able to conduct such rituals, the main thing is that he really believes that after his actions life will change for the better.

Rites to attract good luck

Rituals for good luck

Luck helps people feel as happy as possible. If it is present in a person’s life, then he succeeds in everything. So that he does not change jobs, move to a new place of residence or start his own business, all his undertakings always have a positive result.

Lack of luck, on the contrary, makes a person deeply unhappy. But there is a way out of this situation, you can try to turn your fortune towards you with the help of certain rites.

Rite number 1

In order to attract good luck you will need to get up before sunrise, get dressed, wash and read the prayer of our Father before the images. After that, you will need to take an ordinary glass and collect clean water into it. It is advisable that it is not tap or bottled. The best option in this case is spring or well water.

After collecting water in a glass, say the following words over it:

  • Live water you drink and wash my body
  • So give me a couple of drops of happiness, good luck and lots of luck
  • I close everything with a key, I attract luck to my side
  • Let everything conceived by me come true
  • Amen. Amen. Amen

After these words, you need to cross yourself three times and drink water in small sips, constantly thinking about something good and pleasant. Repeat this rite every day for a month.

Rite number 2

  • To conduct this rite, you will need any pebble. You can take whatever precious or even that which you found in your yard or in the country. In order for him to be able to attract good luck to you, he must first be cleansed of everything bad. Ordinary water and verbena will help you cope with this task. Take a pebble, place it under running water and rinse, say: I urge myself to luck, I drive away problems from myself.
  • Repeat this phrase three times, and then put a pebble on a saucer and smoke it with dry verbena for 2-3 minutes. When this is finished, wait until it is completely dry and put it in salt or sugar. When preparing food, you will flavor it with magic spices, bringing luck and success closer to you every day.

Money Rites

Money Rites

I want to say that attracting money requires a fairly strong concentration on what you are doing, and the belief that this will improve your financial condition. Therefore, if you feel even a bit of doubt, then do not even begin to carry out the ceremony.

Ways to attract money to the house:

  • If you saw a coin on the street (even a very small denomination), then do not pass by it, but pick it up and bring it home. Be sure to clean it of dirt and dust and read the Orthodox prayer above it. After that, wrap a coin in a handkerchief or just a clean napkin and put it under linoleum or a path in front of the front door. Entering the house, you will always bring the energy of money into your home.
  • Another effective rite is the so-called money pot. To carry it out you will need a large bill, a beautiful pot and any houseplant. The bill will need to be put at the bottom of the pot, sprinkle soil on top of it and plant a flower in it. When caring for a houseplant, you will always need to mentally imagine how the money in your wallet is multiplied. As the flower grows, more and more money will appear in your home.
  • You can also try to make money literally follow you on the heels. Try to paint a dollar or euro sign with ordinary cosmetic varnish on socks, tights or soles of shoes. As it erases, refresh it a little. Do not forget to do this, and literally in some month a lot of money will appear in your house.
  • In addition, you can try to activate the energy of money by scratching your left hand. If you do this at least 3-4 times a day, then after some time your financial condition will certainly improve.

Ancient gypsy cash rites

Gypsy rites

We all know that gypsies have a fairly powerful energy, so almost all of their rituals give a positive result in the shortest possible time. In view of this, if you do not want to wait months until the energy message from the money ritual reaches its goal, you can try to speed up this process by the following actions.


  • Buy a silver coin and consecrate it in the temple. This must be done, because only in this way you can be sure that money will go into your house, which is nothing bad. Put this coin in your pocket and carry it with you all the time. On the day of the full moon, be sure to turn it several times without removing it from your pocket. The same night, go outside, get a coin and hold it on an open palm, as if showing the moon. After that, hide it back in your pocket and carry it until the next full moon. Repeat the rite until you get what you want.
  • You can try to attract money using the following ritual. The day before the full moon, go to the forest and find there 3 white pebbles, 7 acorns and moss (you will need to tear a piece the size of a palm). Bring everything you find home, wash yourself, put on clean clothes and start the ceremony. First wrap the pebbles and acorns in the moss, tie it all with a red satin ribbon and lay it under your pillow. Go to bed before sunset. At midnight, get up, remove the moss from under the pillow and bury it under any prickly bush. Go around it three times clockwise, all the time imagining large banknotes. Having done this, feel free to go to bed. If you do everything right, then by the next full moon your financial condition should improve.

Love rites

Love rites

Immediately I want to say that love ceremonies need to be performed in the most extreme cases. Before you do or say something, first be sure to think about whether you are ready to live your whole life with the person you want to have a magical effect on.

After all, if you fall in love with him, and then become disappointed in him, then changing your own and his fate will be quite difficult. In view of this, love ceremonies should be done only if you like absolutely everything in your chosen one, even the small minuses of his character.

Rites for love:

  • Draw a red heart on a white piece of paper and write in it your name and the name of your beloved. Gently fold the sheet and put it in a book with a beautiful love story. Keep in mind that it should be exactly yours (donated or purchased) and it is advisable that no one else reads it besides you. Lift the book on the window so that light from the moon falls on it. Do not open it and do not read until your loved one shows his favor to you.
  • Christmas is coming very soon, which means that you have a great way to attract love to yourself without much effort. To conduct this ceremony, you will need the largest church candle and a Christmas star. After buying these two things, take a piece of paper and write on it about how much you want to reunite with your loved one and be sure to indicate his full name. Put your note in an envelope and place it on a table or bedside table. Every night before going to bed, light a candle and a Christmas star and direct their light to your note. If you sincerely believe in a Christmas miracle, then by the end of the holidays you will already be paired.

Rites for the fast marriage

Rites for the fast marriage

Unfortunately, even in the modern world, ceremonies for marriage have not lost their relevance. By virtue of employment and a very fast pace of life, men and women simply do not have time to find their soul mate. Some magicians argue that if a person misses an opportune moment for acquaintance and marriage, then he can, in general, remain alone for life.

If you also realized that you cannot get married the way others do, try to help create a family with a special marriage ceremony.


  • Buy a red envelope and 18 sheets of paper of the same color. Bring all these things to the bedroom, lay them on the bed or on the bedside table and looking at them, imagine your future family life. Meditate on them for three days in a row, and then proceed to attract your loved one. Every day, take a piece of paper and describe your soul mate on it. After all the leaves are scribbled and laid in the envelope, it will need to be placed in the southwestern part of the house. As practice shows, in about three months this love magnet will lead to your future husband’s house.
  • Buy in any store a transparent fabric of white color, a red satin ribbon and 7 small decorative flowers. Make a small veil with a wreath from all this and carefully put it on your photo. Place it so that you can see it as often as possible. Every day, take the time to sit near her and dream about her future husband. If you want to further strengthen the energy message of the ritual, you can put two rings connected by a red ribbon near the photo.

How to achieve a desired pregnancy with a rite?

Ritual for quick conception

Very often, a couple does not manage to conceive a child due to the fact that someone is simply envious of their happiness. Negative energy, as a rule, blocks the chakras, which are responsible for reproduction, and as a result, a completely healthy woman cannot become pregnant.

The most unpleasant thing is that in such a situation traditional medicine is powerless. If you have similar problems, then try to get rid of them with a special ritual.

Rite to help get pregnant:

  • To begin, place a new basin and a jug of water in the middle of the room. Wear a clean shirt and be sure to sincerely pray in front of the icons. Then stand in the basin with both feet and slowly pour yourself water on the head saying the following words: As holy water runs away from me, so my barrenness disappears.
  • After that, change into dry clothes, drain the water into a jar with a lid and put it in a place where no one will see it. As soon as the long-awaited pregnancy comes, take a can of water and bury it as close as possible near the church. Do this without fail, otherwise it may happen that you can not deliver the long-awaited baby to the right time.

Health Rites

Health Rites

Rite number 1

  • To conduct it, you will need spring water, wormwood, ordinary table salt and natural honey. Spring water will give you the power of nature, wormwood will cleanse your body and soul from everything bad, and honey and salt will give energy and protect from the evil eye. Take all these components and mix them thoroughly, pour the resulting solution into the bath and lie in it for at least half an hour.
  • If you are in the right mood to regularly arrange such ablutions for yourself, you can, in general, forget about all the diseases. Yes, and do not forget that all the components that you will use for the ceremony must be consecrated in the church. If you didn’t succeed in doing this, then pray and sprinkle them with holy water on your own.

Rite number 2

  • The same positive effect on health can have a poppy that was consecrated to Honey Spas. Since ancient times, people have known that poppy seeds can protect people from everything bad. The best part is that they can help not only get rid of the disease and help to ensure that, in general, it does not cling to the person.
  • If you want to always stay healthy, then just carry a small amount of poppy in your pocket. If it so happened that you fell ill, then try to eat literally a couple of poppy seeds for three days in a row and drink them with church water.

How to lose weight with a strong rite of weight loss?

Features of the slimming ritual

In order for this rite to work properly, it must be carried out at a certain time. It is best to start the ritual on Monday or Friday. Monday is considered the day of the moon, so it is during this period that rituals for descending must be done. Friday is the day of Venus, which is responsible for beauty and attractiveness, therefore, it can also help to reduce weight.

Also, do not forget that weight loss ceremonies should be performed on an empty stomach and, if possible, should not be eaten for at least a couple of hours after they are over. If you do this ritual before eating heavily, then you will send to the higher forces the completely different energy message.


  • Buy a small amount of wax from the market or pharmacy. If you can’t find it, then you can replace it with a church candle, the main thing is that before that it would not be used in the ministry.
  • From wax, you will need to mold a cylinder, and then cut it into small pieces (there should be as many as you plan to lose a kilogram).
  • Lightly heat the pieces in a steam bath and make a ball out of them. It will symbolize your extra pounds. Be sure to note that you must do it a week before the full moon.
  • Put the ball under the pillow and sleep on it all week. On the night of the full moon, take it out, put it in a bowl and melt it above the church candle.
  • Do not be discouraged if you fail to do this the first time. You can quite calmly drown it for 2-3 days. The weight will still go away, just not as fast as you would like.
  • Pour molten wax into a jar and pour it into the toilet or bring it anywhere away from your home.

Rites for cleaning the house

Rites for cleaning the house

Rite number 1

If you need to clean the house as quickly as possible, then take any church candle that is in your home and, starting from the front door, walk through all the rooms. You need to go clockwise, slightly lingering in the corners. If you notice that the flame began to oscillate more intensively, crackle and smoke, then stop at this place and cross it with a lit candle. After the whole house is bypassed, put a candle on the doorstep and let it burn completely. Then collect the melted wax and bury it at the intersection of roads.

Rite number 2

For this ritual, it is best to use the salt consecrated for Easter. Pour it into small saucers and arrange in all rooms. For a week, every day, morning and evening, read the prayer of Our Father or just sincerely pray in front of the icons.If you want the ritual to work as well as possible, involve all your household members in the prayers. After a week, collect all the salt in one container and throw it into the river. If you do not have the opportunity to get to the river, then just flush the salt into the sewers.

Rite for successful and profitable trading

Prayer to be successful

If you want trade to always go briskly, then do not forget to periodically buy off the so-called trade routes. If you give them at least the minimum amount of funds, then your business will certainly flourish.


  • Take a small amount of coins in your hand and stand with them in the very center of the trading floor.
  • Focusing well, say the words: Take money in trading ways, and return good luck to me.
  • After that, flip the coins up and tear off your store.
  • Do not let your relatives or sellers raise money; it would be better if it was buyers who took them home.

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