Stage 4 cancer: 5 incredible stories of miracles, magical cures and the path to self-healing

Read incredible stories about the miracle, cure and the path to self-healing from stage 4 cancer.

Stage 4 cancer - not a sentence! This has been known for a long time. Many ordinary people and even stars of show business have defeated this disease and now live and enjoy life. Below you will read 5 incredible stories about the miraculous healing of stage 4 cancer.

Return to life, or stage 4 cancer - not a sentence!

Stage 4 cancer - not a sentence!

Irina’s life was no different from other people. After work, she strove to a spacious apartment, where she was expected by a loving husband and a black cat. However, 2 years ago, a woman heard a disappointing diagnosis from doctors - stage 4 ovarian cancer.

It was too late to get treatment. Life has lost its rainbow colors.
One morning, Irina began to bleed heavily. The husband called an ambulance, at which she was taken to the hospital. She was put in a special chamber for the dying. When a woman asked the doctor why she was placed here, he replied: "Time is lost. The disease is at the last stage, and it is impossible to get rid of it."

Big expenses.

To get into the world of the living had to spend a huge amount of money. Turned to private clinics. Not a single good doctor took an examination without payment. After receiving a doctor, Irina was prescribed chemotherapy. After the procedure, the woman became ill, she hardly spoke and moved. Every day was like torture.

Hope for a miracle.

Having lost hope in the hospital, Irina called the healer in Bashkiria and went to her appointment. The sorceress met a woman and began to conduct a ceremony and prayers. After these procedures, it became much easier. Together with her husband, Irina lived there for more than a month, where she was relaxing, eating well and restoring her psychological state.

Return home and to life.

After treatment in Bashkiria, in the city of Irina, several chemotherapy courses were again prescribed and an operation was performed. The tumor decreased significantly and the dynamics were positive. The forces were running out, and so Irina called a psychologist. The specialist advised calling Women's Health, a program for women who defeated cancer.

In the courses, the woman was offered to sign up for art therapy. It is creativity that helps fight oncology and with your own emotions. Every day the depression disappeared, Irina began to feel better, and most importantly, she overcame fear. All this was made possible thanks to the Women's Health program. Cancer is not a sentence, and such support groups help fight it.

Village story about the magic cure for cancer, grade 4

The magic cure for stage 4 cancer

Today I want to tell an incredible story of a degree 4 cancer treatment. At the time of my illness I was 20 years old. It all started 9 years ago, then I began to feel worse and worse. Over the past few months, I lost 10 kg, became very irritable and all the time broke down on relatives. At that moment I began to understand that something was wrong and decided to go to the doctor.

Doctor. Fainting. Diagnosis.

When I went to the doctor, he gave me the usual cold and sent me for tests. After passing the tests, I fainted. And this was the second bell that something was happening and something was wrong, and it was not just a cold.

A few days later I went to the doctor. He was shocked by my analyzes and by the fact that I said that I had fainted. A deathly silence fell sharply in the study. And after a couple of minutes I hear: "You have cancer." From that moment on, I understood little that everything was as if in a dream. It seemed to me that this was a dream, and now I wake up, and everything will be fine. But no, it was not a dream, it was true. And from that moment began my long road of struggle with this disease.

They said they could not help.

Next week I was already in Moscow, in the best oncology clinic. I remember that the doctor prescribed me additional tests. And my diagnosis was confirmed - leukemia of the 4th degree. I didn’t understand where I got it from and how I could start it like that. After all, there were no signs and they began just six months ago.

Every week I felt worse and worse, but I want to say thanks to my doctor, he supported me as best he could. And then a year passed, as I was in the hospital. I was irradiated and given pills. But one day doctors come and talk. We cannot help you with anything and are letting me go home.

I have not yet touched on the topic of people close to me. I remember that in the year I left for treatment, my parents sharply aged and became gray-haired. I felt a burden and dropped my hands day after day. I felt sorry for them, and I want to say a big thank you to my parents. They have done a lot in my struggle.

The road to victory through the village.

Let's continue the story, when I arrived home and announced what the doctors said, I just did not recognize my parents. Mom and Dad roared like that, did not cry, but they roared with big tears that flowed in a stream along their cheeks.

After 4 days, my parents decided to move to the village, so that I spent the last days of my life in unity with nature. Before that, we have lived our whole lives in a city with exhaust gases and poor ecology. A month passed again. I was as happy as ever. Nearby parents, clean air.

And the other day, an old grandmother comes, whom I never knew and began to live with us. She constantly talked with me, and gave me something. And oddly enough, I was getting better and better.

The happiest day in my life.

The doctor called us and offered to take tests again to see what picture is at the moment. We arrived in the city and passed tests. Not expecting anything good, we continued to wait for the results. When they were ready, I went to the reception and the doctor was so happy that I did not understand him. But then he announced: "You are healthy!".

And again, I don’t remember what happened next, but I definitely remember that it was the happiest day in my life. I decided to go and thank my grandmother, but alas, she was gone. This is how the village story of magical healing happened to me. What happened to the grandmother who treated me, I do not know. Perhaps now this real sorceress is in a hurry to help someone else

Sports or a wonderful cure for cancer of the 4th degree

Sports helped with stage 4 cancer

Nikolai fell ill when he was only 10 years old. Suddenly overwhelming weakness, lack of appetite, decreased concentration - the local pediatrician prescribed vitamins, iron-boosting drugs, but nothing helped. Only when the child lost consciousness at school in the classroom, it was decided to do a full examination. The verdict of the doctor was terrible: acute leukemia.

A nightmare of a sick person and his relatives.

Numerous treatment procedures began. Due to age, Kolya had to lie alone in the hematocentre. There wasn’t my mother who always tried in every way to support her son. This depressed the boy even more.

Chemotherapy courses did not bring relief, the ward was closed: relatives were not allowed to visit, it was impossible to leave the hospital building. It was hard not only for mom and son, but also for their close and dear people. Due to his age, Kolya was not aware of the tragedy that happened to him.

Hope for recovery.

After six months of treatment, the boy was discharged from the hospital with improvement, his mother was warned that a relapse was expected. And so it happened. The next eight months in the hospital, numerous examinations, treatment and classes with a child psychologist gave hope for recovery.

Kolya started going to school. After intensive classes with teachers in basic subjects, I managed to master the school curriculum and catch up with peers in school.

Sport and victory.

The biggest surprise for the mother and Kolya, the doctor who observed the progress of recovery, was the teenager's passion for weightlifting. Starting with regular training, Nikolai for the next few years won prizes in the competitions of his age group.

Kolya tested regularly. Examinations, trips to the doctor - all this was, but not for the purpose of treatment, but with the aim of checking the state of health. The teenager felt good, the sport gave him strength and self-confidence.

Now this is an adult twenty-year-old student, a student working after school. Kolya does not like to remember the time spent in the hospital, but believes that it was her persistent passion for sports that helped her to believe in herself and not give up.

"Oh, that mom!" - or live mommy, together we will defeat cancer of the 4th degree!

Victory over Stage 4 Cancer

My friend’s mom, Tatyana Vasilievna, has always been an active person. Even too much. Quite often, Seryozha complained that she was interfering where she should not go, to put it mildly. Despite the adult age of his son, he is constantly present nearby, gives, it would seem, “unnecessary” advice, is interested in everything that happens in his life. "Oh, that mom!" - again and again wailed Serega.

But she has such a nature: even in her 70s, she did not sit with other grandmothers at the entrance, but tried to be meaningful and important for her son and grandchildren stubbornly stubbornly.

Health has deteriorated.

What was our surprise when Tatyana Vasilyevna suddenly became more infantile, loyal and even apathetic. It was as if they had replaced a person. It all started with banal complaints of nausea. But it should be noted that the grandmother did not trust the doctors, therefore, she refused categorically to the proposals to undergo a physical examination to establish the cause of her poor health.

The disease naturally progressed. We tried in vain to treat her with improvised means. Based on the symptoms, oncology suspicions began to arise. Tatyana Vasilievna was rapidly losing weight, refused to eat, but still, she did not want to go to the hospital.

She surrendered only when she felt that the delay in death was similar. Our guesses were confirmed: stomach cancer grade 4. It is impossible to convey all the torment that a person close to us felt every day. Lord, bring no one to experience this!

“I’ll go to the operation, and that’s it!”

After the droppers and chemotherapy, the opinions of the doctors were divided: some claimed that at this age the treatment would not work, it’s worth reconciling, because the tumor is running. Others advised taking a risk: in fact, there’s nothing to lose anyway, but it’s worth fighting for life, because it is given only once.

The outcome of the case was decided by her grandmother’s usual obstinacy: not too long ago, she shouted: “I won’t go to the doctors for anything! They can only take money!” Now Tatyana Vasilievna stood her ground: “I’ll go to the operation and that’s it!”

We were lucky - despite the late stage, the drugs smoothed the situation, and when the tumor condition improved slightly, Serezha was operated on by her mother. After the operation, the son was constantly nearby and said: "Live, mommy, together we will defeat cancer!"

Goodbye parents.

About a year has passed since then. Tatyana Vasilievna is not only alive, but also actively attends entertainment events such as theater and cinema - not only that, she also intervenes in the adult life of her son. Yes, only he stopped scolding her for it. It is better to endure an obsessive and pestering mother than to say goodbye to her forever.

Magic Stage 4 Cancer Self Healing

Magic Stage 4 Cancer Self Healing

Lilka is my friend from childhood. She was always a little weird. I realized this when we were already grown. We are her peers, crazy young boys and girls, and she, like an old grandmother, then freezes water in the refrigerator, and then defrosts and drinks it, then collects some herbs and makes tea instead of tea and coffee. In general, she was not like us, but everyone loved her.

Once the worst thing happened - Lily got sick. Began to "fade" before our eyes, burn through the candles like a wick. In a few weeks I completely lost weight to the bones. Then the hospital, examination, and the verdict - skin cancer grade 4. The treatment did not bring results, Lilke was getting worse.

Journey to Health.

There was one boy in our company - Leshka. His parents are travelers. Learning about our friend, they unanimously said she needed to Tibet. There she will be taught the art of magical self-healing. People who live in the Tibetan highlands are able to perform real miracles. I remember that I even laughed then and naturally did not believe it. But the rest of the friends supported the adults. They decided to go, sent me and another girlfriend.

We took a long time, it was difficult, and even with a sick person. When we arrived in the city, we had to get to the place for a long time by car, and then walk 2 kilometers. It was hard to go, we walked all day, and now in front of us appeared some plain-looking “box” on the side of the mountain, looking like a house. Lilka no longer had the strength to go, and she sat right on the ground near the house.

The owner went out and went straight to his girlfriend, as if he knew why and who had come to him. Then we all went into the house. Leshkin’s parents knew the Tibetan language and translated Lily everything that the old monk said. She was doing something, but was afraid and resisted something. But the sage said that these are the hidden forces of the body that do not want to go outside and help. He brewed some more herbs and watered Lilka during the day. She felt better every day.


I began to notice that a friend began to recover. We went home, and Lily stayed. After a couple of months, she arrived. The girlfriend had a beautiful appearance, she recovered and refreshed. The next day, we went with her to see a doctor. He was surprised and started screaming at his girlfriend that she was missing somewhere and did not come for treatment. Lilka reassured the doctor and said that she drank all the medications that he prescribed to her, and also went to Tibet for healing.

Victory is always a pleasure.

When a friend passed the tests, and passed the diagnosis, it turned out that everything was in order and the cancer was gone. Words can’t convey our joy! Lilka jumped for joy, screaming and laughing. Then she said that she would again go to Tibet, since she had not yet completed the entire course on the path to self-healing. We were sorry to part with her again. Now I was crying, but these were tears of joy and I believed that I would definitely see my girlfriend again soon.

She arrived only six months later. She said that she learned incredible things of self-healing. I began to tell such unusual stories for our ears that the body is a single whole, and modern doctors treat individual organs. But, as Tibetan sages say, this is not worth doing, because our body is a single system. Now we all listened with amazement and admiration to Lilka, and no one considered her strange anymore. Everyone believed in the miracle of magical self-healing, because it was precisely this that helped our girlfriend recover.

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