Why and how to wind up the number of messages in VK? Free and paid cheat on the number of messages on VKontakte: description, tips

In this article we will consider methods and ways of cheating messages on VKontakte.

To create a positive image and further promote your public or group on VKontakte, verify your page, you can use one more trick - increasing the number of private messages. In this case, as a rule, their contents are absolutely irrelevant (no one will see them, except for you!), It is the quantity that is important. How to increase it quickly and for sure?

We wind up messages on VK without payment

  1. Through Exchange Communities. To do this, find a special group on VKontakte where you can exchange messages in PM. There are enough of them (for example, "Like Time", "Clogged BOS" and so on) and the functionality is very simple: you just need to leave the corresponding request on the group wall.

    Clogged drugs

  2. Through exchanges. On such services, you need to perform certain actions so that other users satisfy your requirements. To do this, in your account on such a site you need to select an arbitrary task, in the "Other" section describe the conditions of cooperation and wait for the tasks to be completed.
  3. In exchange for something. You can go into fan groups with attractive offers - for example, offer gamers the key to a popular game or an exclusive photo of a show business star for its fans - in response to private messages. Tip: act honestly if you do not want to ruin your reputation.
  4. Using special bots on the social network. In this case, you must always be on the alert, because you can lose the personal data of your page.

    Message bots

  5. With the help of technical tricks. If you want to create the appearance of a mass of unread private messages with a few clicks of your mouse, you can try the following chip. Having received the messenger in the LAN, right-click on the unread message and select the "View Code" command (in different browsers the terminology may differ, but the essence is the same). When the code for this line is opened, then double-clicking on it with the left mouse button instead of the number "1" should indicate the desired number of unread drugs - and it's all about the hat!

How to get a lot of personal messages on VKontakte for money?

If you are willing to pay for an increase in the number of private messages, then, as they say, all paths are open to you. At your service are professional teams of various resources, single freelancers and specially designed programs.

Great program

The scheme is the same for them: if you pay money, you get a service, usually of high quality. You just need to worry about your safety and choose a repeatedly proven resource with a good reputation.

Using one of the suggested options for cheating messages on VKontakte, you should be clearly aware that this is an artificially created illusion of your communication. You can use this technique to raise the profile in the eyes of others or increase sales, but in no case should you deceive yourself!

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