What is the best, effective at home remedy for bed bugs, bed bugs: rating. What reliable, cheap, safe professional remedy to buy from bedbugs?

Overview of effective and reliable remedies for bedbugs.

Bed bugs cause a lot of inconvenience, and it is quite difficult to remove parasites. They hide in mattresses, in old furniture upholstery and even under wall carpets, which can complicate the fight against insects. In addition, the presence of a large number of larvae in mattresses complicates the situation. In this article we will talk about the most effective means of controlling bugs.

How to detect bugs in the house: ways to destroy bugs

There is an opinion that mainly bugs are in a room where it is very dirty, not particularly cleaned. You can say in the apartments of the homeless. But actually it is not. Recently, due to changes in climatic conditions, bedbugs multiply much faster and adapt to environmental conditions, become much more resilient and do not respond to a large number of toxic substances.

Therefore, even in clean housing, bugs can be observed. Most often, they are brought along with upholstered furniture and carpets, or some means for repairing the room. There is a high probability of bringing a bug if you buy new pillows, blankets or mattresses that have been lying in warehouses for a long time.

Signs of bugs:

  • Detecting bugs is easy enough. This can be done by peculiar bites on the body. They often itch, swell and have a peculiar appearance of the paths. That is, you will see bites that are located one after another.
  • In this case, you need to find the nest and poison all the insects in it. If you did not find the nest in the mattress, it is advisable to turn it over, look from the side, on the sides, as well as from the bottom for signs. If you did not find bugs and some black dots, carefully inspect the wallpaper. Very often in the presence of bugs, brown spots from the excrement of parasites, as well as blood remains, remain on the walls.
  • To start the fight against bedbugs is necessary when you find a nest. This will greatly simplify the task. Often insects hide in carpets, as well as on the back of the picture, on the walls. Before processing, it is necessary to wash all things. If it is not possible to completely wash, rent a steam cleaner, walk through all things. A hot stream of steam will kill larvae, as well as bugs.
  • After this, it is necessary to carry out a general cleaning. Further, you can directly fight bugs with insecticides. For this, the agent that you have chosen is diluted. It is necessary to spray the room, manipulation is carried out according to the instructions. Most often, you need to close the room and leave it for two hours. During this time, bugs usually die. After that, cleaning is carried out.
Bedbug Remedy

What is the best effective home remedy for bed bugs, bed bugs: rating

Please note that the only effective remedy that will help fight bed bugs is not. You need to choose what is suitable only in a particular case, taking into account all the data. The presence of children, as well as pets, matters.

Most often, family people are afraid that modern insecticides can cause poisoning of a child or pet. Therefore, they do not want to acquire such funds. Indeed, some bugs are quite toxic and can cause poisoning.


  1. Fufanon
  2. Kombat
  3. Karbofos
  4. Tsifoks
  5. Raptor
  6. Reid
Bedbug Remedies

What means to buy from bedbugs, safe for children and pets?

Safe drugs:

  • Hector Positions itself as a new generation drug that has no analogues in the Russian market. It differs significantly from all insecticides not only in its action, but also in composition. The fact is that it is presented in the form of a conventional powder. In order to fight insects, you need to pour a small amount of the product behind the baseboards, carpets, as well as under the mattress and in the place where you found the nests of bugs. At the same time, poisoning of domestic animals and children is completely avoided.
  • The drug is absolutely safe for babies and animals. The essence of this drug is that it sucks liquid from insects. Thus, they dry up, and even a small amount of the substance that the bug brings to the nest causes the death of its relatives. The cost of the drug is high, but the effectiveness is one of the best. This is an excellent tool for those who do not have the opportunity to leave or wash the apartment several times from a variety of insecticides in order to avoid poisoning pets and children.


  • Get - This tool is more effective than the executioner, but his price is many times higher. The bottle is enough to process an apartment of about 40 square meters. That is, it is quite enough to handle a one-room or a small two-room apartment. The advantage of the drug is that it can be purchased at any pharmacy. He is also diluted with water and spraying the premises. Please note that this medication is absolutely safe for children and pets.
  • In addition, it has a prolonged effect. The insect does not die immediately, but goes to the nest, where it sends its relatives. This is precisely the positive features of this drug. Even if you did not process a specific nest, then one insect will bring poison, which will cause poisoning and the extinction of the entire family of parasites. This drug is a salvation for allergy sufferers, as well as for those who have small children, pets. In addition, the drug does not require rinsing, does not stain clothing, as well as underwear. Which greatly simplifies and reduces the time to combat parasites.


A reliable remedy for bedbugs Executioner

Executioner- This is a tool that is produced in Russia. It is a yellowish liquid, which is sold in a small bottle. One bottle is enough for about 5 square meters of space. Therefore, to process an apartment of 50 square meters, you will need to purchase 10 bottles.

The cost of one jar is very affordable, so the price of processing is quite affordable. At the heart of this drug is paralytic, which adversely affects the nervous system of the insect. Typically, the product is diluted in a certain amount of water and sprayed with a spray bottle.

At the same time, walls, mattress, as well as floors and space behind furniture, carpets and curtains are processed. After this room closes for several hours. Further, a general cleaning is carried out. Please note that the product can be dangerous for pets as well as children. Therefore, it is advisable to transport children to their parents or relatives for a while during the fight against bedbugs. It is recommended to re-process after 2 weeks, because the executioner is not always effective in relation to larvae of bugs.


What remedy will help from bedbugs quickly?

Cucaracha - This is an effective insecticide, which consists of two main components: cypermethrin and malathion. These two substances complement each other, enhancing the action. The drug is sold in bottles of different filling. It can be a small bottle of 10 ml, as well as liter canisters. To process a two-room apartment, you need approximately 50 ml of the substance. The drug is diluted in a ratio of 1: 100. The resulting solution is used to process the room around the perimeter, as well as on the back of the furniture. Please note that it is best to remove children and pets from the apartment before processing.

After processing, all rooms must be closed for three hours. Further, the room opens, aired. Please note that the drug is not very effective against eggs, and kills only adults. Accordingly, you will have to repeat the treatment after 2 weeks in order to bring the entire population of bugs along with larvae, eggs.

Regarding the effectiveness of this drug, it works in relation to not only bugs, but also cockroaches, as well as other insects that live in the apartment. Thus you can kill two birds with one stone. The drug is not addictive in bedbugs, so treatment is always effective, even if you use the substance several times in a row. The cost of the drug is low.


Bedbug Remedies Safe for People

Bedbug Raptor - aerosol can with a volume of 225 ml. The main advantage of the substance is that it does not need to be diluted; it is already ready for use. In this case, one bottle is enough for about a room of 20 square meters. Therefore, to process a three-room apartment, you will need 3 spray cans. Processing is carried out around the perimeter, as well as on the back of the furniture. The composition of the drug contains 3 insecticides: cypermethrin, piperonyl butoxide, tetramethrin.

All of these substances complement each other, so re-processing is not necessary. Just one treatment is enough to cope with insects. The most interesting thing is that it is not necessary that all residents of the family come into contact with the poison, because one bug on its paws, as well as the body, transfers the drug to the nest. Accordingly, relatives get infected from it and die. The drug is effective against larvae. It is noted that the substance is low toxic, therefore it is absolutely safe for pets, as well as children.


Professional odorless bug repellent

Foresight - an effective insecticide which contains perimetrin. The fact is that the drug also works only with respect to live bugs, but is ineffective with respect to larvae. Accordingly, one processing will not be enough. You will have to repeat the repeated manipulation 2 weeks after the first treatment. Just like for Kukarachi, it is necessary to remove children and pets from the apartment that day, close the rooms for several hours, and then carefully ventilate the room.


Tetrix a very effective drug that is often used by the service during bullying bugs. Sold in bottles with a minimum volume of one liter. It is not cheap, so for self-processing it is best to fold with neighbors. The consumption of the drug is very small, it is enough to dilute 30 ml in one liter of water in order to get a working solution. Spray all the cracks, in the skirting boards, as well as the floor and behind the furniture. Please note that the drug is very toxic. The composition contains cypermethrin and metaphors, so it is imperative to relocate all the tenants of the apartment for a day.

It is advisable to carry out the treatment in overalls or in old things, in rubber gloves, as well as a special bandage or respirator. Do not allow the substance to come into contact with the skin, especially eyes or respiratory tract. After the treatment, the clothes should be discarded, take a shower, and rinse your mouth with soda solution. This is necessary in order to avoid symptoms of poisoning, negative consequences for the body. The drug is effective, there is no need to re-treat it, because when it comes into contact with the substance, not only adults die, but also larvae.


Means for applying to the body from bedbugs

When there is no way to poison bugs indoors, or you are in the apartment temporarily, then you can get rid of annoying parasites with repellents. Please note that these products do not kill bedbugs, but only scare them away due to their unpleasant odor.

The most famous repellents are such tools:

  • Mosquitol
  • of Family Drive by Reppel
  • Gardex
  • Raptor

All these products are sold in the form of aerosols and atomizers, thanks to which the solution is applied to the skin. Bed bugs can get close, but do not bite because they do not like the smell.


In fact, getting rid of bedbugs can be very difficult. This is primarily due to the fact that they have several cycles. That is, adults, as well as larvae. Means that are effective in relation to adults can be completely useless in relation to larvae. Therefore, most often it is necessary to carry out processing several times in a row, with an interval of 2 weeks.

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