A crested bird on its head: names, description, photo. What kind of crested birds peck mountain ash?

What birds with a crest are found on the territory of Russia.

The territory of our country is the habitat for many species of birds. The permanent habitats of birds in Russia are long and located in several dozen climatic zones. The birds that settle in vast spaces are distinguished by their unusual appearance. Of interest is the lifestyle of various families of birds. Birds with an original decoration on the head in the shape of a crest are of considerable interest to those who care about the animal and plant world.

Winter bird with a crest on his head - waxwing: description, photo

  • Waxwing is a spectacular crested representative of winter birds. Not large in size. The body length reaches 15-18 cm. The maximum weight of this bird is 70 grams.
  • Brownish-gray plumage and red spots are distinguished by birds against the background of more modestly colored congeners. On the wings of the waxwing, on the tail, head and neck, the plumage is black. On a black background, white and yellow stripes are clearly visible.

Where do they live?

You can meet the waxwing in the warm season in Siberia, in the northern regions (taiga, forest-tundra). The onset of cold weather compels these birds to roam to more southern areas, therefore, in the winter, residents of cities and towns of the Moscow region, Crimea, the Caucasus, and Central Asia can watch the waxwing.

You can meet the waxwing in the warm season in Siberia, in the northern regions (taiga, forest-tundra).

What do they eat?

  • In the diet of waxwings in the summer, mainly insects. However, birds supplement it with seeds of cones, birch buds.
  • In winter, the waxwing, like many other bird species, is forced to change its diet: at this time, the fruits of the mountain ash, hawthorn, and rosehip become food for the bird. Birds usually swallow them whole, and the fruits do not always have time to digest in the stomach.
What does the waxwing eat

Are drunk waxwings - an invention?

  • The waxwing can become intoxicated after eating fermented fruits. This happens in the spring, when the birds begin to eat tree sap (maple, etc.).
  • After such a “feeding”, the birds may behave inappropriately. They can be aggressive towards relatives, animals, which leads to injuries and even death.
Can waxwings be drunk

How are chicks hatched?

  • Pieces of moss, lichens, dry branches of grass - all this becomes a building material during the construction of the nest. Feathers and down are used as litter of waxwings. Having found a mate, the gentleman treats the female with berries.
  • In the laying of waxwings, usually 3-7 eggs. The color of the eggs may be gray or purple. there are specks on the shell. On the 14th day of hatching, nestlings appear in the nest, which will become independent and able to make short flights after two weeks
  • Young waxwings replenish flocks of birds. The number of individuals in such flocks is 5 or 30 birds.

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Bird with a crest on a hoopoe head: description, photo

Hoopoe also belongs to the species of birds with a beautiful crest. The size of this bird is almost the same as waxwing. The long curved beak of hoopoe reaches 4-6 cm in length.

What does it look like?

  • Nature gave hoopoe a bright color: the bird has a reddish back, black wings and tail are decorated with white stripes. But the main decoration of the bird is the crest.
  • It is painted in red color. There is a black border on the crest. When the bird is calm, the crest is folded. In other cases, he proudly rises above the bird's head.
Tufted bird hoopoe head: description

Where does it live?

  • The habitat of hoopoe is Siberia, Transbaikalia, the Far East. Birds settle on open plains or in the forest-steppe. The bird runs fast on the ground.
  • When the hoopoe is in danger, he is pressed against the surface of the earth. At the same time, the wings of the bird are spread, and the beak of hoopoe menacingly raises up.
Where hoopoe lives

What does it eat?

  • The diet of hoopoe includes insects. The bird can eat even small reptiles (young lizards, snakes).

How are chicks hatched?

  • Dense thickets become a place where birds nest. The litter left on the nests has such an unpleasant odor that in itself it becomes a defense against enemies.
  • The female usually hatches 3-8 eggs, of which after 2 weeks the chicks hatch. The chicks that flew out of the nest are still under the care of their parents.
How hoopoe deduces chicks

A bird with a crest on the head of a lark: description, photo

The Lark is a small bird. Her body is 19 cm long, and she weighs only 45 g.

What does it look like?

  • The grayish-brown color of the bird plays a protective role: during danger, the lark is pressed to the ground and becomes invisible.
  • There is a small crest on the head of the crested lark. There are dark spots on the back of the lark, and black and white spots are found in the area of ​​the goiter and chest.
A crested bird on the head of a lark

Where does it live?

  • The bird prefers open spaces, abundantly overgrown with low grass.
  • They settle on the territory of the steppe, on sand pits, on roadsides, and railway embankments. With the onset of cold weather, birds are forced to wander to more southern areas.

What does it eat?

  • Since the crested lark is a land bird, it also finds food on the surface of the earth without flying.
  • The lark's diet includes bugs, grasshoppers, caterpillars, spiders, large earthworms. It feeds on lark and plant seeds. In winter, grass seeds become the main food for larks.
What does the crested lark eat

How are chicks hatched?

  • In the clutch of a crested lark, usually 3-5 eggs. The shell is off-white or yellowish in color. Chicks appear 12-14 days after the onset of hatching.
  • Parents feed their offspring within 9-10 days.
How larks hatchlings

A crested bird on a lapwing head: description, photo

Another notable representative of crested birds from the kingdom is the lapwing. The bird has a bright plumage, and it differs from its relatives in a larger size (28-30 cm - body length). The lapwing weighs 130 - 330 grams.

What does it look like?

  • The body of the bird is covered with black and white plumage.
  • The surface of the wings is with a purple tint, on which you can distinguish greenish-blue and yellow hues. Crest of a bird of long feathers.
Lapwing - a bird with a crest on its head

Where does it live?

  • Lapwing settles in an open area, richly covered with vegetation, often chooses wetlands, corn or potato fields, wet meadows.

What does it eat?

  • In the warm season, insects and invertebrate animals serve as food for lapwing.

Where does the lapwing live

Lapwing in flight

How does chicks breed?

  • The formed pair of birds builds a nest right on the ground, choosing for this recess. The lapwings are lined with dry twigs and grass.
  • In clutch usually no more than 4 eggs. Parents take turns hatching the future offspring of ha for 28 days. During harvesting, the death of birds is possible, since birds nest on a planted field.

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A bird with a crest on its head Jay: description, photo

Jay - also refers to crested birds that remain to winter in Russia. The body length of this bird reaches 15 cm. The weight of an adult is only 200-250 g. The bird has a reddish-brown plumage. In the shoulder area, the plumage is bright blue, “crossed out” with black stripes. The jay has a long tail, black in color, and a half-tail is white.

Crested Bird Jay

Jay has endowed nature with the ability to move around a tree. The bird performs these actions thanks to the long and flexible fingers on which sharp bent claws grow.

What does it eat?

  • The basis of the diet of the jay is insects, even large beetles. The bird copes with their dense carapace with the help of a curved beak.
  • Jay will not refuse small rodents, lizards, frogs. In winter, acorns and berries serve as food for poultry.
Where does jay live?

How does chicks breed?

  • For nesting jays choose deciduous forests, areas with shrubs. Nest in old hollows or find secluded places in the crown of trees.
  • In clutch usually 5-10 eggs. The shell has a greenish, light yellow color.

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Bird with a crest on a woodpecker's head: description, photo

Another bright representative of birds with a decoration on the head in the form of a crest is a woodpecker. The size of the bird is from 7 cm to 27 cm, and the weight is from 60 to 600 g.

What does it look like?

The bird has a large strong skull, adapted for hollowing out insects and their larvae from sick and old trees. The tail is wedge-shaped. This helps the bird lean on its trunk while hunting. The plumage of the bird is black with white stripes and spots. The red spine.

What the woodpecker eats

Where does it live?

The woodpecker often settles in the forest zone. But it is able to adapt to existence in any biotype. You can meet this bird both in the taiga and in the city park.

Golden woodpecker

What do they eat?

The diet of woodpeckers includes insects, acorns, nuts, coniferous seeds.

How are chicks hatched?

Chicks are brought out in hollows of trees hollowed out by a male. In clutch from 4 to 8 white eggs. The offspring appears on the 12-13th day after the onset of hatching.

How woodpeckers breed chicks

Bird with a crest on the head oatmeal-remez: description, photo

  • Consider another representative of crested birds. This is oatmeal-remez, which in appearance resembles a sparrow. The size of the bird is 15 cm, and the weight is only 16-20 g.
  • The bird is tan. There are white and red stripes on the body. The crest of this bird is small, but it is larger in males than in females. Thanks to its short, strong beak, the bird is able to cleanse grains easily.
  • Oatmeal does not feed the chicks immediately with dry food. Before feeding, she keeps food in her beak for a while, soaking.

Where does it live?

  • Oatmeal loves the open spaces of the north of the country, mainly in the steppe regions (Siberia, the Far East).
  • Settles in the summer in the marshes where shrubs grow, also chooses marshy river valleys.
  • With the onset of cold weather, birds are forced to fly to a warmer climatic zone. These are areas of East Asia.
Crested Bird: Remez Bunting

What does it eat?

  • The main food for oatmeal is insects. The bird eats crops, berries.

How does chicks breed?

Oatmeal hides the nest well from uninvited guests on the ground, in a depression. Sometimes a nest of oatmeal can be seen on the bush. It looks like a bowl, which the birds “build” from the stems and leaves of cereals.
Litter for the nest is moss, lichen, horse hair, animal hair. In clutch usually 4-5 eggs. The shell of oatmeal eggs is white or gray. There are brown specks. Two weeks after the onset of hatching, chicks appear.

What does oatmeal remez look like?

Which crested birds like rowan?

Rowan berries are eaten in winter. They like these berries in tact, that during their eating they lose all caution, becoming easy prey for birders. The latter use the net to catch a whole flock of bird-eating birds.

What birds eat mountain ash

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